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Monday, October 29, 2012

Thoughts on Chaos Space Marines

With holidays approaching, and the vast amount of models often aquired during this time, I lay my plans for Chaos Space marines... Here's a list of things I have/want in my collection. (I actually don't have my codex on hand, so I can't get a points total. This probably won't all fit in a 2k list.)

Warpsmith with Power fist or axe: I have one with a hammer/stomshield, a Mark of Tzeentch and the Iron Halo equivalent works here.  I also have one with a Hammer and Combi-melta, this would be a basic WarpSmith, with maybe a P Fist upgrade.

A librarian of some sort (I have a terminator armored, a PA, and a PA Ahriman count as) The TA has a Stomshield, so I'd get him the 3++ and run him with some Tzeentch Terminators. Oterwise, I'll have one Tzeentch unit to chill with Ahriman. If I use the ML 3 sorceror he'll have no mark, and just go with a normal squad.

I have a chaplain/Dak Apostle model... however I don't think I'll use him as such. The Ld. Buffs and re rolls on rewards aren't worth it really... I may use him as a Power mace sarge.

I have a Lord-type model in TA armor, (who can't be a warpsmith therefore) I don't think he'll see much use.

One Custodian hero type character... not sure what to do with him. He's not even painted yet. Maybe use as a really cheap lord.

8 Terminators: one ChainFist/Reaper auto, 2 fists, two Combi-melta swords, one sword, one fist, and a dual sword guy whod end up as a LC I'd guess. If I use them, it'll be Tzeentch or no mark. Tzeentch would mirror the FW Cataphracti and allow a Tzeentch character to join.

5 Custodians: No idea what to use here. Originally they were Space Marine honor guard with relic blades... now, Chosen are not CC, possessed are too random, Mutilator may actually fit here, but I'd have to rebase them on to one size larger. If I did, they'd end up with Mark of Slaanesh or Tzeentch.

One Dread/Helbrute with two Magnetized CC weapons: I have a reapr auto built but with no magnets, I don't see myself needing any other options.

I have 22 Space Marine models painted, but this includes 4 sarges (2 axe 2 fist). I may build an extra random marine, and use as a tough 20 man squad with 2 flakk missile launchers to sit objectives and shoot, while being tough as hell.

I have one rhino... I expect very little use out of him... Maybe as a chosen deliverer.

What I want to have:

A Bike Lord with potentially crazy options, I may magnetize arms here for Combi Weapons, fists, or maces.

A full bike squad: They'll be modeled with Jetbikes of course. I may wait on this to see if the DA release has some nice plastics in it... But it'll be a melta squad with a maul probably. Marks would be Slaanesh if it all, with an "icon holder" apothecary.

10 man Raptor squad: Max flamers, just for giggles. This'll be a kitbash, either of the new Raptor Jetpacks or MaxMini ones, combined of course with base assault Marines

Spawn unit? I'd make them out of Fantasy Ogres, but theyd represent Gene-built workers (such as the "sons of Dantioch" of HH renown.) The Mark would be whatever the Lord has, if any.

10 Havocs with 4 Autocannons: Autos fit the theme (theyd be kitbashed out of psycannons and IG heavy weapons) I want 10, not just a 5 man squad. 10s an even number, and means my opponent needs to put serious power into this to kill it in cover.

2 ForgeFiends: They'll be based off of a Dread top on a Rhino bottom with two massive cannon arms. (BS 3 = servitor targeting...). They'll probably be removable to add in a Pred turret if needed. Two is tough, and a lot of Str. 8 shots, enough to hurt flyers!

Thousand Sons/Tzeentch Marines: I really want to use the sexy FW boarding shields, I think a Sternguard unit with a 4++ inv makes sense, and special bolters to represent Ap. 3. These'll be my Sorcerors buddies, if MoT or Ahriman.

IG: I wantmy IG to have a distinct German theme, WWI era. Like the "freikorps of Krieg", before Death was cool. And of course, being the support of a Traito Legion leaves seed for future corruption in Krieg... I'll use Maxmini heads, wargames factory bodies and buy cheap lasguns off IG players all over.

Lord Commissar: The morale and the weapon-manner, as well as HW choice. Plus, der Kommissars!

Infantry Platoon: 20 men w/ Commissar as an objecvtive holder, I may have some Mortars inside for barrage, or atocannons.

Artillery: Basalisks with Camo Netting are so sweet behind an Aegis... Plus, Iron Warriors. I must, I must!

An Aegis with quad cannon for der Kommissar or the Havoc Sarge to shoot.

So much to look at at once! But I'm a fair bit in to it at least, and I ve painted a lot of boring infantry, shouldn't be much left.

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