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Saturday, October 20, 2012

RTT today... kinda

Showed up at 1 pm at my friendly local store, for a 2000 point RTT. Sadly, there were only three other players there!  Since store rules gives prize money to the top 4, the winner would have only made $6 profit... not worth breaking out the game face for. We ended up screwing around and having a 2v2 4000 points per side battle on an 8 by 4 board. I was paired with a Daemons player, who had lots of FMCs, flamers, and Pink Horrors (a lot like what Id do if I ran Daemons, which I may eventually as CSM allies...) Our opponents were an 10 skimmer DE army, and a Tau/Eldar player with the fortress of Redemption, Broadsides and Eldrad... tons of fun! Anyways, it was Emperors will, and we ended up with objectives exactly opposite eachother so I basically bum rushed the Tau/Eldar. Daemons dropped in with Fateweaver and made many a save. Gotta love using flamers to murder guys on the fortress of redemption. had some great, funny moments like the DE player having three vehicles lined up under a flamer onslaught and making all his Flicker Field saves! Then, I had really high dice all game, which meant with Eldrad that I perilsed more wounds off the big guys han my opponents did! highlights for our team included Eldrad finally getting Booned by Fatey. It was reassuring to see that my army is still very durable even without psychic powers. We ended up winning as I crowded gants and Tervis around our objective, while Fateweaver, a Blood thirster and some Pink horrors all managed to hover around their objective. Note to self: Biovores still rock. The templates did mean thing to all the Dark Eldar and Tau bodies on the board, especially after transports were popped. Seriously, no one shoots the damn things! Pretty good for the cost of 5 Tac marines... Another note to self, Shadow Fields on DE transports are disgustingly evil. My Hive Guard got nothing done this game as the DE were hovering out of range and plinking away. Still, they absorbed a lot of shooting. I also see why the Fortress of Rdemption is considered so good! he eldar player had a lot of guys holed up inside, and I couldnt assault them... I ended up surrounding the thing with gants and just pumping fire into every unit on the topside, eventually sheer weight of fire whiped out all the firewarriors and Dire Avengers there, while Flamers mulched the pathfinders inside. Eldar get sneaky tricks with Exarch powers and the fortresses guns... like shooting the giant krak missile barrage weapon twice, and ignoring cover... that was a bit rude. For the record, there were a few turns where I had exactly 72 gants on the field, the number I had with me. It was quite fn sending that horde towards enemy lines. It also makes me think that I need more. Sadly, I still have not aquired the Chaos Codex. That needs to happen...

Alright, enough rambling. It was great though to settle down and have a fun, stressless game of 40k!

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