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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Beaky Con day 1: Results

Earlier today I went through the first three games of BeakyCon 2012, and I'm pretty pleased with it. These aren't full reports, but those are coming up!

Game 1: vs. IG/daemons allies. Very solid victory here, Hive Guard and Tevigons wreck face.

Game 2: vs... the Scythe Wing! 9 flyers in the hands of one of the top players there... Victory! You'll see a Batrep in a bit... ;) But spoiler alert, Board Control is the way to go!

Game 3: vs. the Green Tide. over 150 models, with three dakkajets, this was a crazy game. Still, I won on objectives.

Small blurb on this game from the TO, Black Blow Fly: clicky

Day one recap: 3-0! Wow, that was better than I expected giving the competition here. There's either 8 or 6 undefeated players right now. I thought 8 for a 64 person tourney, but saw 6 on the blog... Either way, the going gets tough at 8 am tomorrow morning!


  1. Awesome job - can't wait to see the batreps. Go nids!

  2. Very well played bro. I hope it carries over for ya tomorrow.