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Monday, October 15, 2012

BeakyCon Game 3: Green Tide

*Disclaimer on Batreps! I played 6 games this weekend. It's entirely possible I forgot some details, but I'll do what I can to make it as accurate as possible. I may confuse if I blew up a chimera on turn 2 or 3, etc. If you were my opponent in any of these reports, please speak up and correct any errors I made. Also, opponents will be identified by first name only. If anyone would like even that removed, just let me know and it'll disappear.*

The TO gave us a mini cameo on his blog as the game started: linky. I stole a few pics.
My list:

Warlord- walking tyrant, armored shell, 2x Devourers, Old adversary, one guard
Flying Hive Tyrant, 2xDevourers
2x3 Hive Guard
2x Zoanthropes
10 gants
19 gants
20 gants
Tervigon #1 with Toxin/Adrenal, 3 powers
Tervigon #2 with Toxin Adrenal, 3 powers
Tervigon #3 with Toxin Adrenal, 3 powers, and Crushing Claws
2x Biovores
Opponents list:

Mega Armored PK warboss (warlord)
30 'Ard Boyz with Choppa/Slugga
30 Shoota Boys with2 Big shootas
30 shoota boyz with 3 big Shootas
30 Shoota Boyz with 3 Big Shootas
30 Shoota boyz with 3 Big Shootas
10 Lootas
12 Grots
Aegis line

The Mission: Vanguard Strike, the most annoying Deployment GW could conjure up. 4 objectives placed in a sort of "diamond" so that there were two on the 3 foot line of the long edge, each 6" from the board edge, and then there were 2 24" up the short edge, about 18" ish from the short edge. Tiebreaker is KPs.

Warlord traits: Both hideously useless. I might have been able to re roll my outflankers? Woo.

Psychic Powers:
Flyrant: Iron Arm, Life Leech
Walking Tyrant: Life Leech, Smite
Zoey 1: Endurance, Smite
Zoey 2: Endurance, Life Leech
Tervigon 1: Iron Arm, Endurance, Warp Speed
Tervigon 2: Enfeeble, Endurance, Life Leech
Tervigon 3: Warp Speed, Life Leech, Enfeeble

Pregame plan: I can't let this go to tiebreakers, he has very few "easy" KPs, dont think I can match him there. Im going to have to hold my two with gants and slow down the Ork horde with Tervigons. My psychic powers should help here. I will need to contest or take at least one of his thoug, that'll be where the Tyrants come in... DakkaJets I'll take potshots at, but no more than that.

Note that for references, I'm playing this from my long edge, with my short edge on my left.

Deployment Orks: I give him first turn. His Aegis forms a wraparound bunker with the lootas inside on the left. Shoota Boy mob in the top center sitting in area terrain on an objective. One more in the Aegis in roughly center of his Diagonal line, and then one to the bottom right. DakkaJets in reserve. 'Ard boyz with HQs and last Shoota Boyz are at the very front, ready to come running at me. Grots are behind Lootas, in range for an easy move onto the objective. (again, dakkajets are just set there, theyre in reserve. You can see the loota bunker though)

Deployment Nids: Two Tervigons top leftwith a 19 man blob on the objective. There's a large LoS blocking terrain peice in the middle, I put my Bios and Hive Guard there. Flyrants in reserve. Dakka Tyrant and a Tervi,as well as 20 and 10 are bottom and as far right as I can go, that's where I'll make my push. Zoans are hovering well in the back, I'll be tossing out Endurance like candy.

The below is actually after turn 1, but gives a good idea of Deployment

Turn 1 Orks: Just kidding! I sieze the initiative.
Turn 1 Nids: Shooty units advance marginally. Not much else, but the  Biovores let it rip on the Lootas. 2 direct hits kills 7 of the 10 Heavy Weapon specialists, who then pinned. Boo ya! Hive Guard kill a small number of Ard boyz.
Turn 1 Orks: The Ard Boyz advance, as well as the two right most boyz and one boyz mob on my left. I dont believe he has shooting.
Turn 2 Nids: The DakkaTyrant advances, setting its sights on the Ard boyz. Psychic powers all over, and I enfeeble the approaching mob, to majority toughness 3. I open fire. Sporatic Tervigon shots and the Dakka Tyrant dent the front of the mob. when the dist clears, The Warboss and Grotsnik are the closest models. Finally, Hive Guard open fire. The Warboos elects not to LoS as Grotsnik is the closest model and would be pasted. Instead he takes all the wounds, and at a reduced toughness of 4, fails his last save. The Instant death here gives me both First Blood and Slay the Warlord. Biovores scatter of the few Lootas and kill a few boyz.
Turn 2 Orks: A DakkaJet comes in,and the Ardboyz run into terrain, with Grotsnik in the dead middle. More advancing. Shootas on left continue and wound a Tervi.  DakkaJet kills the Biovores sadly.
Turn 3 Nids: Flyrant comes in, far left by a boys mob, out of LoS of all but said mob. I fail his Iron Arm check... crap in a hat, that would have been useful. The clawed tervi runs up and casts warp Speed. Ard boys are enfeebled again. Psy powers all over. The Clawed Tervigon, who has FnP, charges the Ard boyz. Grotsnik wusses out of the challengwhen I explain that I have 3+2d3 strength 10 attacks, rerolling to wound. The Boyz take a beating and can't hurt me as they are a measly Strength 2, to my Toughness 6.
Turn 3 Orks: Second Dakkajet comes in, he Waaghs!. The two jets each pick and maul a Hive guard brood. in the end I have a single wounded Hive Guard. Boyz target the Flyrant, who takes three wounds but stays in flight. In CC I continue to pick apart the Ard Boyz. Shoota Boys on my left are close and blast another wound off the Tervi on the objective.
Turn 4 Nids: Flyrant goes right over the Mob and blasts the Grots. 2 survive, who run like hell. Hive Guard advances and kills a loota, they fall back. Neither will rally. Ard boyz are reduced to just the Mad Dok. Psy Powers all over, the DakkaTyrant, 20 gants and the ervigon on my right are advancing towards his far right objective. Iron Arm makes the top left objective Tervi T 8, he charges the Shoota Boyz who cant hurt him, and kills a few.
turn 4 Orks: Last DakkaJets in. The Flyrant is shredded by a DakkaJet, second flies off, the third focuses on the 10 man gant squad and reduces them to a few scattered survivors. The Shoota Mob on the right advances and wastes over half of the 20 man blob there. Grotsnik is pasted.
Turn 5 Nids: Tyrant and Tervi on my right charge and enfeeble the shoota boyz on right, who are helpless. Tervigon on my top left kills a few. Other Tervi hides by terrain.
Turn 5 Orks: One dakkajet comes in, one flies off. The two Dakkajets blast away,the 10 man gants are whiped and the Clawed Tervi is wasted after the Shoota boyz parked on the top objective chip in for the last two wounds. In CC I continue to smush boyz. His shootaboyz on the right, his only scoring unit nearby, kill a few more gants.
Turn 6 Tyranids: I spawn  in both CCs, on the far left and the far right. The combined extra attacks, ar Iniative 4 with poisonous re rolls is too much. Both mobs are below 11, and fail leadership checks. Both are swept.
Turn 6 Orks: DakkaJets whirl around. The last Hive Guard dies. The Tyrant absorbs lots of shots with ease, and the Tervigon on the top left objective is down to a single wound...
Turn 7 Nids: I position things very carefully up on the left. The spawned depleted gants, the original, depleted gants, and the Tervi are all within exactly 3", however on exact opposite sides so the Tervis explosive death wont kill my guys. The DakkaTyrant, Tervi, and two sets of spaned gants let it rip at the (enfeebled) shoota mob on the objective. Many die, and the ensuing assault sweeps the survivors.
Turn 7 Orks: He calls the game. I hold 3, he has one. His 4 units have no chance of knocking me off any two objectives. I have a depleted gant squad on my back objective in Synapse range (remember the Zoeys?) and 3 scoring units on the left, plus 2 and a Tyrant on the right. His DakkaJets arent in position to unload on the lonely gants, the other objectives are way too well protected.
Victory... Tyranids!
That was wild! getting 7 turns in was crazy with over 200 models on the board! Still, Nids rock objective games. Psychic powers saved my bacon by letting me neutralize the PK-less mobs of boyz. My plan worked perfectly, as I held on to my two while grabbing a third. The 4th was way too well held with a full boyz mob and nothing nearby.


  1. I almost think HG are some of the best fire magnets you can put on the board, after flyrants. How do you think your 2 biovores did overall? You had them as two separate units, right?

  2. It was a great game for you bro... Perfectly played.

    : )

  3. Turn 3 Nids: Flyrant comes in, far left by a boys mob, out of LoS of all but said mob. I fail his Iron Arm check... crap in a hat

    It's okay that you failed that because Blessings/Maledictions cannot be cast the turn a psyker moves onto the table from reserves anyway. those powers are cast at the beginning on the movement phase. (pg 67 big rule book, top left paragraph)

  4. Biovores in one unit: Barrage blasts mean the second stays close to the first, and less KPs.

    @Andrew: That's pretty interesting, I'll have to check that page out! Thanks for the heads up. Ironically, I held the Flyrant in reserve twice, and failed his powers both times coming in...