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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Beaky Con day 2 results

Just got back from the Con. First, I'd like to compliment Steve Turner and the TOs on what I thought was a well run event, I have no complaints on any of their rulings. Here's my game breakdown:

Game 4: 4 objectives, versus the GK.IG player who knocked me out of my last two RTTs. I won, but he had a few poor rolls. More on this later.

Game 5: vs Alan Blake, last years champion. He hands me my first loss on tiebreakers, again this had some odd rolls on it, he had IG/JawsWolves. More on this later.

Game 6: I was out of the running for top 2, (where the prize support got good) as I was number 5, and behind by a lot. Played a necrons player with Wraiths and 5 flyers, ended up losing on KPs.

Final result: 4-2. I'm overall pretty happy, game 5 was really close against a great player, game 6 we were both tired and not caring. Other than that it was an awesome event, I'm pretty happy with how I did other than a few bad rolls of the dice games 5 and 6. Reports over the next week or so, and pics!


  1. You did awesome bro and had to play a lot of very tough players. Probably a lot of people aren't aware that you are still in high school and did some really amazing things with Tyranids. By the way the Hive Mind left you a present - I hope you got it.

  2. Haha I did notice a future DeathLeaper in there!