Competitive 40k tactics and Battle Reports with the Tyranid Codex

Monday, October 8, 2012

Beaky Con! Photo dump.

Hello everyone! I'm going to start off a photodump of all the pictures that won't be important in the upcoming batreps. basically, I didn't play against any of these armies. The above is my Tyranid army that I brought. Below are a few close ups. For the record, I'm not a great painter. Or even good really. The point is that they are painted, and look cohesive. Plus, it's fun to put a crap ton of models onto the board!
My list, for referrence: All psychic beasties swap powers, all the time.
Flying Hive Tyrant with two Devourers
Walking Hive Tyrant with Shell, Old Adversary, and twin Devourers (my warlord for all games) and one Tyrant Guard
2x3 Hive Guard
2x Zoanthropes
3x Tervigons with 3 powers, Toxin and Adrenal (one had Crushing Claws)
20 gants
19 gants
10 gants
2 Biovores
My army case: Two levels, the bottom is purely gants.
Now, onto the well painted armies! Below is just a bunch of pics of armies. A few didn't come out well, and so weren't included. Which is a shame, there was a gorgeous Genestealer-hybrid army that just looks like pink blur in my shot...

One of the armies that went throughday 1 at 3-0. Don't underestimate an old codex!

 These lovely Daemons were 4-0 before falling to an IG/GK gunline (my opponent from round 4)

 This is the only unpainted army I put up, but, it's pre heresy world eaters, so acceptable. Just because I'm working on a pre heresy Iron Warriors army!

Ok, I played the army below, but it had a pretty darn cool display.

Da Orky Kroozer! WAAAAAAGHH!!!


  1. I like the list, looking fotward to the batreps. Interested in how the crushing claw terv and biovores did.

  2. Yep, looking forward to the battle reports. I always enjoy the "armies on parade" prior to an event, I think that is my favorite time to snap shots of things.

  3. How did you feel biovores stood up to competition?