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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Heresy Incoming!

Well, theres recently been a teaser sent out in an email by Forge World. It's also on GWs main site. Im not going to link to it, but it is literally on their front page.

Anyways: AHHH!!!!!!! HERESY!!!!!!!!

Wow, ok. But this post is mostly about my PH army and where it stands at the moment. This blog is mainly focused on Tyranids, but is also partially about Chaos Space Marines. (expect a lot more of that starting in a few months...) Anyways, with at least two, probably three books coming for the Horus Heresy, from Forge World, this changes a lot of things for my army. Right now, I have a highly incomplete army, fully painted for what I have.

22 Marines, melta/missile launcher squads at the moment, with two sarges each so I can go Power Fist or Axe. This may change to Auto cannon depending on the new codex. Oh, and none of them have heads. Im going to do a Maxmini order at some point, once my Tyranids are fully rekitted out for 6th edition.

10 terminators: 4 (Power/Chain)fist/stormbolter, 1 powersword/stormbolter, 1 captain with Hammer and a Librarian with a Storm Shield, plus two guys with Combimelta/Powersword. I have another guy who isnt really built at the moment, I ll do something with him later. Ok, these guys are basically a loyalist or traitor Terminator squad, as I choose, and I ll decide on a loadout with the new codex, but I ll probably want a few fists and I ll probably want a few Combi Meltas. These are based off of GK Terminators because the helmets look cool and they look like mini Contemptors. Fully painted, except... no Shoulder Pads. (see, maxmini order above.)

5 Custodians: converted from Sanguinary Guard (legs/torso/arms) with High Elf heads, GK halberds and SM bolters attached (and backpacks/banner) Fully painted and DONE. Gold!

Contemptor Dread: I picked him up Cheap, he looks awesome. And he's stepping on an Imperial Fist Dread. Why not? He's magnetised at the moment with two Dread CC weapons, but of course I ll have more options made when theres a new codex... Fully Painted and done.

Power Armor HQs: A librarian who I modeled conjuring up Flame, and sending a little fire daemon flying around. My Warsmith has a a converted servoarm with Nade launcher (which CSM dont have... oh well) and a TH and Combi Melta. A captain with TH, Combi Melta pistol, and a jump pack. Then, a headless captain with a Hammer/shield. I also have a chaplain with a mace, I used a Sanguinary Guard helmet.

Thats the state of the union right now, not really an army, and with no transports, and most models headless! I have played no games with them, theyre currently just a frame work for building off of with Codex CSM, and eventually for the FW books (which may be fully legal by then...)

And, I ll probably have two allied detachments, one of Daemons (Tzeentch/Slaanesh/Khorne probably) and one of Imperial Army, as an excuse to make some WWI German looking Guardsmen (the Freikorps of Kreig) and to add some highly appropriate artillery to the army.

At the moment, theyre mostly off to the side except for daydreaming and staring at longingly. I by no means have given up on Tyranids, I just need a new army paint wise. I really have three models to paint left for my Tyraids for a while, theyre just all big MCs. (Two Tervigons and a Tyrant/Swarmlord) However, as I test out, I may add more models to my Nids. Id expect to be done with them (buying wise, not playing wise!) by Christmas, which I will then use as an opportunity for a massive Maxmini purchase.

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