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Sunday, July 22, 2012

1850 6th Edition game 2

Ok, first of my Batreps for the next few days, this an 1850 rematch of my last battle, so Tyranids vs. IG!

My list is the same as last time.
2x Tervigons with 3 psy powers
Walking armored shell dakkarant, 2 guard
Scytal Flyrant
2x3 Hive Guard
1x Venomthrope
2x20 Hormagaunts
2x10 gants

My opponent added a little more on the marine allies:

Fist Captain
Tac Squad in rhino, missile flamer
5x Assault marines with fist

His Guard were roughly as follows:

CCS with 2x flamers, vox, banner
PCS with 4x flamers in vendetta
50 guardsmen with 2 Autocannons and a bunch of flamers
3 Meltavets in a chimera
LR Demolisher
plain Russ
3x Missile Launcher HWT
2x3 Lascannon HWT

Mission: The kill point one, with the Vanguard strike deployment.
Warlord trait: Night Fight first turn for me, (yay!) and for him, the roll an extra dice to run thingy.
Psychic powers: I seem to have lost the sheet I had it written on, but the Flyrant notably got Iron Arm, as did one Tervigon. The other got Enfeeble and maybe warp speed, and then the walking tyrant basically gave himself Endurance the whole game.

Deployment, Tyranids:

The Flyant is out of LOS, otherwise I have a broad front with Hive Guard on the flanks and my other MCs in the center.

Typical Guard Deployment. His blob is shielding everything, and he's naturally in the far back corner, giving me a lot of ground to cover... (His assault Marines are out of LOS, behind the Red Tent thing to the left of the above shot.)

Turn 1 IG: He siezes, but between Night Fight and the Venomthrope, every unit in my army has a 2+ cover save. He fails to cause a wound after lucky rolling on my part.

Turn 1 Nids: Everything I have flies or runs straight at him. Flyrant is T9, and out of LOS near the red tent that the Assault marines are by. Hive Guard move up mostly out of LOS into the forest. We determine that the Mysterious forest is a Razorwing nest. My right side Hive Guard break cover and run a full 6" and make it into the shelter of an Aquarium Roman temple thing

Turn 2 Guard: He focuses fire for the most part on the (not Iron Arm) Tervigon who was in front at the moment. She is dropped by several wounds, I think some sporadic shooting may kill a few Gaunts or something. His vendetta I think fails to come in.

Turn 2:. A general advance is made, with my wounded Tervigon Life Leeching a blob member, shes now at 3 wounds. The Dakka Tyrant is in range of the blob and kills an impressive amount. The blob is at -1 leadership and despite the banner reroll, falls off the table! Holy crap! My opponent mutters something profane about needing a commissar. Right Hive Guard Immobilise a Chimera with one hull point left, and so blocking the rhino behind it. He'd have to move his HWTs to move the rhino.  Lastly, my Flyrant hits T9 again and attacks the Demolisher, Immobilising it and taking off two Hull points.

Below is the end of my turn 2: Depleted, huh? You can see his regular Russ, his Demolisher and my Flyrant are just out of the frame to the left.

IG turn 3: The Vendetta comes in and lines up on the Hive Guard on my left flank, dropping off the PCS by the Hormagaunts. They roll a direct hit. Other than that there is little movement, just shuffling his Russ. He then opens up, wounding my already wounded Tervigon, and wounding a Tyrant Guard. I also lose a Hive Guard to the Vendetta, and another takes a wound. The Flamer squad is partially blocked by the Vendettas base and only kills 5 H-gaunts. In assault my Tyrant finishes the Demolisher.

Nids Turn 3: Both my gant squads come in, they sit in my backfield and do nothing all game, and are never involved at all. My Flyrant gets ready to punk his CCS. Oh yeah, he's T9 again. Lol. My Hive Guard kill a Lascannon team or two, the depleted brood by the Vendetta kill a few of the flamer PCS so that the Hormagaunts take less overwatch. Hormagaunts lose a few and absolutely destroy them. General advances again, my Dakkarant is out of range of anything and runs. Everything else is running at him. (It's a bit annoying how far back he deployed... Not that I blame him.) The flyrant kills everyone in the CCS except the Commander, who rolls snake eyes and sticks in.

IG turn 4: More shooting, not much moving. His assault squad jumps the Hormagaunts, I roll bad and fall back after losing a lot (and very, very stupidly being 13" away from my Tervigon.) His Vendetta zooms around and I think wounds my Iron Arm Tervigon, who is now closer than the wounded one. He also kills the Venomthrope. The Iron arm Tervi one takes a few more wounds I believe. In assault, his Officer makes a few 5++ saves and my Tyrant is awkwardly locked.

Nids turn 4: I desperately try to shoot the Vendetta down, I may get one hull point? My wounded Tervi moves back and enfeebles the Assault squad, my H gaunts auto keep falling back but are now in synapse and so auto regroup. Hive Guard go hide in the forest and take two wounds from Razorwings, there is now one wounded Hive Guard in the squad. The Tyrant kills the Commander and my stuff moves around in general, trying to down the damn Vendetta.

Guard turn 5: His assault marines again attack my H gaunts, who do better and kill two marines before getting cut down to 1 model. Vendetta moves and guns down a Hive Guard on my right. More IG fire wounds the Flyrant once and kills a Tervigon. He even disembarks the melta vets and Marines, but T9 is amazing.

Nids turn 5: Flyrant goes T9 AGAIN! Wow. Hormagaunts are getting closer, and I keep shooting the damn Vendetta, failing miserably. Tyrant eats a few Lascannon teams. The wounded Tervigon Warp Speeds and assaults the assault marines, who finish the last Hormagaunt and are cut down to the sarge, who falls back an impressive 17". Straight towards my last Hive Guard... crap.

IG turn 6: The Vendetta is forced off the board, everything else wounds the Flyrant once, and then manages to wipe out the Hormagaunts in their face. I also lose a Tyrant Guard I think. His lone assault marine sarge charges the lone Hive Guard in the forest, and takes a single hit from the razorwings, which comes up a 6! Go rending! I find this hilarious, that one of the Emperors chosen was killed by an angry pidgeon...

Nids turn 6: I assault the Vets with my Flyrant, who lose a few then fall back. (He fails his Iron Arm psy check.) My lone Hive Guard takes a hull point and Heavy Bolter off the Russ, the others destroy the Chimera. The Tyrant on foot I believe kills a few Marines.

IG 7: The Vendetta comes in, and kills the last Tyrant Guard, and other shooting whiffs on the flyrant somehow and wounds the walking Tyrant. I also lose my Hive Guard in the forest. He assaults marines into the Flyrant, I challenge the captain who declines, then kill a few who fall back. (We forgot he can use Krak grenades...)

Below is end of Guard moving phase.

Nids 7: I miraculously down the Vendetta! The Dakkarant finally gets a hit and takes its last hull point. My army is just about gone, but Im up on KPs by a lot, so I assault the Captain with my Flyrant, only to perils my Iron Arm check and then get promptly punched in the face!

END GAME: I have a Hive Guard squad, a walking tyrant and a wounded Tervi left, as well as two gant squads in the far back. He has most a marine combat squad, a missile team, a rhino and a damaged Russ.

Tyranid Victory! I believe the VP total was something like 12-7.

Wow, that was bloody! The Flyrant won me almost all of my points, and the Dakka Tyrant killing the blob was pure win. Still, he made me pay even after early losses and I was really down on models at the end. I think he played the game right, I just got pretty lucky on a few things. Kill points suck, and the far back deployment means I was lucky to escape with a victory.

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