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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

RTT game 3 1850 vs. SM

Come game 3, I find myself one of three 2-0 players, but playing against neither of them. Im not sure if they had more points than me, but my opponent ended up being a SM player whos was 1-1 on the day.

My list is of course, the same as as the last two.

His list:

SM captain on bike, with Relic Blade (we believe Relic Blades are unusual, and ALWAYS +2 Str. and Ap. 3)
SM Librarian on Bike. He had some power that could be a flame template.
SM Command Squad on bikes, with max power swords.
2 Tactical Squads with Missile Launchers and plasma/combiplasma and rhinos
2 Auto/Las predators
5 Devestators, 4 Missiles and a Lasback.
3 HBolter/Typhoon Missiles Land Speeders
5 Scouts with Snipers and HBolter

Warlord traits: Two equally useless things, I think he lowered the Ld. of nearby units or something laughable.

Mission: Pitched Battle, 5 Objectives. We each have one in our Deployment zone that is a targeting array if we hold it and a Str. 4 bomb that goes off on a 1 if our opponent does. Secondary is Line breaker and First Blood

Psychic Powers: I believe my opponent hadnt looked at psychic powers seriously or had played against a psychic army in 6th yet. He seemed surprised when I described the various Biomancy powers.
Swarmlord: Life Leech, Enfeeble, Warp Speed, Haemorrhage
Flyrant: Iron Arm, Life Leech
Tervigon 1 Endurance, Warp Speed, Hemorrhage
Tervigon 2 Iron Arm, Enfeeble, Hemorrhage

He starts off deploying objectives on my left, so I follow that pattern and try to overload that side. We end with one in the top left (top is his DZ) one in the bottom left, and two in between but still to the left, with one closer to the right, but still near the center.

Deployment: Space marines: He sets up a general gunline, with both tac squads combat squadded and on an the far sides in area terrain. The Preds, lasback, and Devs form a center block in the center of his zone, with the Bikes also hanging out there. His scouts are to the far left on the objective behind some area terrain.  He has two LSs to the left and one speeder to the right.

Deployment Nids: the objective in my DZ is behind a LoS blocking hill, so I put one brood of gants on that, with the Flyrant next to them. I then overload the left with Hormagaunts, and both Tervigons, plus the other gaunts and Venomthropes there. I put on Hive Guard brood on each edge, with the Swarmlord in the center and my other Hormagaunts to his right. I take a risk here, since I know he has first turn. With that many missiles (12, plus 5 lascannons and 2 Autocannons) I decide to bunch up my right side Hormagaunts. Theyre in cover, and should hopefully buy me a turn for my MCs to get their powers up and running.

Space Marines turn 1: He only moves his land speeders around a little, then opens fire. Most of his missiles go into the right Hormagaunts, and I lose abou half after cover saves. The other missiles kill 3 or 4 of the right Hormagaunts. Las and Autocannons on the preds do little to no damage, and the snipers sucessfully take out a Hive Guard. He seems surprised by the large amount of Toughness 6 I have.

Tyranids turn 1: Everything runs straight up, with Iron Arm and Feel no Pain bouncing around. The Flyrant moves 24" straight up towards him. my termagants up front claim another objective, and Hive Guard kill a few marines in a missile combat squad. My other Hive Guard kill a Rhino, so I get First Blood. He is even more shocked when the Tervigon with Iron Arm gets T8, and is now immune to bolters.

SM turn 2: He again holds his ground, firing away. My Flyrant takes a wound but absorbs a lot of Firepower. He surprises my by using his missiles to again bomb the Hormagaunts, who are still in cover. He takes a few off of both squads. Bolter and other fire kill a few more, and he loses a plasmagunner on the right. His combat squad that fell back auto regroups, and moves up to shoot again. I lose another Hive Guard on each squad.

Tyranids turn 2: Hormagaunts on the right advance up past some trees, on the left they move up into the cover of a hill. Otherwise, the advance continues. I blow up one land Speeder on the left with Hive Guard, and stun another on the right. The flyrant successfully multi assaults the scouts and Combat squad in the forest, he kills one in each squad. They both hold. Again, psychic powers go off for buffs all over, including FNP on the left Hormagaunts.

SM turn 3: He moves his bikes out to play, coming at my left hormagaunts. More shooting finishes off my left Hive Guard and kills the right Hormagaunts after pouring lots of bolters into them. I also lose another right Hive Guard. He makes a 10" assault on the Hgaunts to my dismay. I kill two before being butchered, the T5 means nothing to poison. In assault the Flyrant kills the combat squad, and the scouts fall back.

Tyranids turn 3: His Bikes are now in the open, and I have a nesty surprise for them. The Flyrant lands right in front of them, and a Tervigon charges from the other direction. He "Denies the Witch" and passes my first Enfeeble, taking him down to Str. 3 T. 4 My Flyrant boosts to Strength and  Toughness 8, and charges in. My Tervigon has a long charge but makes it as well. Overwatch cant possibly wound the Tyrant, to my amusement. When the smoke clears, I have taken no wounds, and everything except his one, wounded librarian is dead.

SM turn 4: He seems shocked at how fast his mini Deathstar went down, but really has no choice except to open fire at the encroaching swarm. He does a smattering of wounds, and kills the last Hormagaunt on the board. My other Tervigon is down to only a few wounds remaining. In CC, his Librarian stands no chance and dies horribly.

Tyranids turn 4: Flyrant and tervigon shuffle around, the Tervigons on an objective and the Tyrant just gets into the woods. More general advancing, my Swarmlord is angry at being denied Combat and runs into the middle in front of the Devestators, but in Venomthrope cover. My other Tervigon shifts towards the objective on the right, but is still far out.

SM turn 5: He knows this is the last turn, and moves a combat squad onto the right objective. He finally realises how much the Venomthropes have helped me survive his shooting phase, and a Landspeeder and two combat squads manage to take them down. His Preds kill the Tyrant guard and manage to wound the Swarmlord once. I stand there screaming at the gunline, only for the Devestators to score 4 hits and wounds, blinking out the Swarmlord.

Tyranids turn 5: Spawning! I hold two objectives now, and spawn gaunts onto the top right one, the move my Tervigon onto a 4th objective on the left. The middle Tervigon spawns gaunts that claim the right objective, but its still contested by marines. Various shooting kills the one marine within 3", as he was the closest model. Finally, the tyrant swoops down and murders the scout survivors who had escaped him before and were huddling on the objective on the top right.

Tyranid Victory! Final score, 17-1. (3x5 for objectives +1 +1 for first blood and line breaker. He also had turbo boosted a Land Speeder into my zone to get line breaker.)

Post game: Well, I got the max victory points there, in what was by far my easiest game. He played a good game, but Tyranids are tough in objectoves, and he couldnt kill all the Monstrous creatures. He actually had most of his army intact, with two landspeeders, two predators, three combat squads, a rhino, razorback and Devestators left. I just managed to kill every unit that could threaten my objectives, and last turn I spawned onto two more.

Tournament Review: I won the whole thing, with Second place going to another 3-0 Nids player, and 3rd to the 2-1 Blood Angels player who lost last round to the second place winner. The tournament had a fairly balanced field, with two each of Guard, Tyranids, and Space Marines, and then one each of Blood angels, Dark Eldar, Tau and Orks. I donated all of my profits to a great cause, and by that I mean I bought a Swarmlord to replace my ill-suited Carnifex.

Overall, Tyranids look great! A combined 6-0 for Tyranids today, I think the new psychic powers and the change to fearless are amazing for us.


  1. What do think are the primary reasons Tyranids are stronger now in 40k6 ?

    1. Psychic powers. Max psychic is really great, MCs in general are just tough. The reduction in "mech spam" also helps us a lot.