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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tyranids now a fast army?

It's generally agreed that 6th will take a little longer than 5th edition on average to play. This is partially because of learning new things, but also from things like wound allocation and challenges. This actually shouldn't slow us down, as our units are almost always the same model, just x 20! In my first game, my turns actually took less than my opponents usually. Tyranids dont have characters in squads, except for Broodlords and tyrants (but I dont use Broodlords) and we only have a few options for different save units.

In 5th, we had a bit o a reputation as a slow playing army, but with other armies going infantry heavy, and other rules that mostly apply to other armies, I think the Bugs may be just as fast as any other army out there to play.

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  1. I agree with you here. I have found 6th to be way faster with my Tyranids, only having one game so far go longer than two hours. It helps of course that at 1500 I only have 17 models in my list and typically ten are in reserve. Start with seven on the table and finish with seventy on the table. It is the Tyranid way.