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Monday, July 23, 2012


In response to the cheese of several new lists I have seen, here is my own answer to them. I believe that I am the first person to do this, but if anyone knows better, please point out where! I had posted this idea on Synapses blog, but never really mentioned it since.

Relevant post on Synapse

However, I have now decided to get the publics opinion on this... Does it work?

The whole point here is a Tyrant Deathstar being hit only on 6s to shooting.

The main idea of this is simple. In 5th, units moved at the speed of their slowest model. In 6th, you must retain coherency. So, a Flying Hive Tyrant could join 3 Tyrant Guard, as there are no rules saying he can't. He may move however he wishes, but he must maintain coherency. Now, below are the tools and models I will use to demonstrate. The large base is a flying Hive Tyrant. The Medium bases are Tyrant Guard. This also shows their initial deployment. Consider the White dot on the large base as the Flyrants facing.

Now, declare turn one that the Tyrant is Swooping. He is hit on 6s when shooting. So long as he is the closest model to the firing unit, the WHOLE UNIT is hit on 6s. Now, First turn he MUST move 12" to remain swooping. See below, as to how that would work. Still in coherency, still Swooping. Now, Run the Tyrant Guard straight up, so the Tyrant is still barely ahead, so that you can do the same thing next turn. (If you were to roll 1's several turns in a row for runs, this wont work as it will eventually collapse. Glide for one turn to get in a good position, then keep going.) When moving the Flyrant, he should be at 45 degrees from straight ahead at all times, so that 90 degrees turns can move him consistently.

*NOTE ON THE BELOW: The arrows do NOT show where the model was last turn exactly, just its general motion, as limited by the edge of the picture.*

When in assault range, simply drop down to glide mode and hit things!


Issues with mixed flying units:

 I would say that the Tyrant Guard can be assaulted, which would then draw the Flyrant into assault, but that the Flyrant can't be the model assaulted.

Shooting: Templates that hit the Tyrant Guard cause hits, but not the Tyrant.

If the Tyrant falls, the wound from that, RAW, CAN be allocated to a guard.

Added tips: Add a prime for resliency, if the guard die you're stuck walking.

So, any questions or concerns? Of course! But if you see a legal rules issue, and can back it up with cited rules, please say so!


  1. Pg 14, BRB; running occurs in the shooting phase; Pg 9; must end movement phase in coherency. This falls apart at the first move phase; and Tyrant can't leave a TG unit once it joins it.

    1. I know running occurs in the shooting phase, but you can still maintain 2" coherency with just moving. The running makes it possible to do the same thing next turn.

  2. Took the models and measuring tape out, 90 degree turns etc.. I can keep it together for at least 2 turns of movement w/o any significant problem, so movement rules-wise, you're correct - this works.

    What I can't find is any rule that transfers any of the swooping properties - especially the 'hits only on snap-fire" - of the tyrant when it joins the unit as an IC; pg 39 BRB; "unless specified in the rule itself, the IC's special rules are not conferred upon the unit".

    That takes us to shooting; which is still at the unit, regardless of which model is closest. Model placement counts for cover and wound allocation. Swooping is not cover, but does grant immunity from template, blast, etc...; RAW pg 49 for Hard to Hit: "shots at such a target can only be resolved as Snap Shots". Resolved is the key word here - not "taken". Only shots at the unit that hit on a 6 may then be allocated to the Tyrant (see below) Shots that would hit per the firer's BS vs. the Guard still count as hits, but can't be allocated to the Tyrant, as it is firer's choice for the wound pool order. Pg 15, Mixed Wounds: "if the Wound pool contains groups of wounds with different Strengths, AP values, or special rules, then each is resolved separately using the relevant method above. You as the shooting player get to choose the order in which these groups are resolved. This allows you to place your shots where they'll do the most damage! Also pg 15, the Allocate Wounds section: "allocate a Wound from the Wound pool to the enemy model closest to the firing unit". Continue allocating wounds... until the Wound pool is empty."

    In this case, hits on a '6' would comprise a separate wound pool that could be allocated to the closest model - the Tyrant. Lower value hits would comprise the remaining wound pool, and would (only) go against the Guard unit. Look Out Sir rolls, including for a Grounding wound, could be taken by the Guard.

    For added fun: the firer could nominate a cover save for focus fire and essentially ignore the Tyrant altogether, assuming it isn't in cover and/or the TG unit's cover is better than the Tyrant's - and this will be likely, the Tyrant will often grant cover to 2 of the 3 Guard from one forward angle.

    Looks like a good tactic regardless as it will keep that flyer up a bit longer.