Competitive 40k tactics and Battle Reports with the Tyranid Codex

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Batreps Incoming!

I have 4 Battle Reports coming in the next few days, and if I'm feeling good maybe a short tactics article. I've been out for a week, but I have a single Batrep with pictures, and 3 from an RTT today.

For the RTT, I tried a new list, with the Swarmlord, a Flyrant, 2x20 H gaunts, 6 Hive Guard 2 Venomthropes and 2 Tervis (plus the obligatory 2x10 gants) No spoilers on how I did, but my three opponents were Marines, Guard, and Marines again. As a side note, I proxied (gasp!) a carnifex for the swarmlord, but to redeem my shame I bought a Tyrant kit, who I'm in the process of magnetizing! yay!

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