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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1850 vs. Imperial Guard

*Image snagged from Fritz40k*

Well I finally got my first game of 6th Edition in tonight, against an IG player who runs a mixed armor/infantry army. As it was our first game, I decided not to take pictures, I'll try to next time.
My warlord was the walking Tyrant, he got the re roll reserve one. Whoopie. His warlord is the CCS officer, who gets the +1 assault range one. Lol!

My list:

Armored shell Tyrant, 2x TL devourers, Old Adversary, two guard (pyschic powers: enfeeble and hemorrhage)
Flyrant with 2x Scything Talons (psy powers: leech and hemorrhage)
2x3 Hive Guard
1 Venomthrope
20 Hormagaunts TS AG
19 Hormagaunts TS AG
2x10 gaunts
2xTervigons with catalyst onslaught (pys powers: First: Iron Arm, the FNP one. Warp Speed. Second: FNP one, leech essence, hemorrhage)

His list (roughly)

CCS with banner and Power Fist, and medic. Two flamers maybe?

PCS with 4 flamers
4x Infantry Squad, 2 with Autocannon, all had Grenade Launchers
2x3 Lascannon teams
Veteran Squad, 3 Meltas, in Chimera
Leman Russ
LR Demolisher

Aegis Line

 Space Marine Captain with Fist
Tac Squad with Flamer and Las, and a Rhino

Mission: Dawn of war, Relic

Pre Game Thoughts:
My opponents list isn't ultra competetive, but it's solid and shooty enough to worry me slightly. My plan is to have a tervigon grab the relic and then just hide while the rest of my army gets in his face. And to learn all these fun new rules of course.

Deployment: I have first turn. With the Relic in the center, I line up a Tervigon directly in front of it. Not the Iron arm one, I'm not sure why I didn't. I put my flying Tyrant on my far right flank behind a bunker. Tervigon and Tyrant Star all go in the middle, with the Venomthrope behind and Hive Guard nearby. Two big blobs of Hormagaunts are also on the side, ready to rush around the central ruin (with Relic inside) I have two gant broods which will mostly useless. I stick one in the far back in case I need to pick up the relic if he kills my Tervi, and put the other on the far left to sneak up and get "Linebreaker", as theyre far away and shouldnt be shot.

He has the aegis line slightly to the right of the objective and back 12", and two of the infantry squads, as well as both Russes and the CCS are behind that. Behind the line is a mysterious forest, with both lascannon squads in it.  In the center he has 5 marines with a Lascannon, and behind them 10 guardsmen with an autocannon, all in a peice of area terrain. Left of that is the chimera with Vets. Finally, on the left, he has another infantry squad in area terrain, with the Basalisk and hellhound behind that, and the rhino with combat squad and captain next to that.

Turn 1 Tyranids: Just kidding! He steals the initiative. Crap in a hat.

Turn 1 Guard: Thank God, Night Fight goes off, giving me uber cover from the Venomthrope on everything near him. My left gaunt squad gets halved by Space Marines shooting out of the rhino (4 shots 4 wounds, 4 failed cover saves. The chimera kills another to cut them down to 5. Other than that, lascannon shooting and the Russes manage to take a wound off one Tervigon, due to the 2++ cover from Night Fight and the Venomthrope. The Venomthrope also takes a wound from a Russes Heavy Bolter.

Turn 1 Nids: Well I survived the sieze rather well, thanks to Night Fight, other wise I could have been seriously hurt. My Flyrant flies around to the right side of a bunker on the far right, only one lascannon team can see him, I'm hoping to draw their fire. Everything else makes a general advance, one Tervigon gives himself Endurance (FNP, and It Will Not Die) while the other uses Iron arm to go to T7. Nothings in assault range. One HiveGuard squad targets a Lascannon Heavy Weapon team and kills two, the other takes two hull points off of a rhino. Fleet and Hormagaunts running is amazing.

Turn 2 IG: The vendetta comes in on his left side and lines up on my left squad of Hive Guard. A little shuffling around on his part, not too much. The Basalisk and regular russ combine to take out the Venomthrope and wound a Hive Guard. Demolisher takes a wound off the Tervigon near the Objective. His Hell hound moves up 12" and shoots it's Inferno Cannon and kills 5 Hormagaunts. Auto cannon fire bounces off the the Tyrant Star, and his two Inf. Squads behing the line shoot down a few Hormagaunts that are now really close to them. He rolls poorly and only kills a few. His full Strength Lascannon team decides to shoot my Flyrant, and hitting on 6s, they wound him Twice! :O Vendetta strips a wound off a Hive Guard and drops off the flamer PCS, but they scatter away from the Hormagaunts and can't flame. They then run back out of charge range.  Finally, the Marines and Chimera target the left Gaunt Squad and they break and fall off the board. He also got First Blood this turn for the Venomthrope.

My Turn 2: I'm annoyed by the Tyrants wounding, so I jump up in "glide" mode, and leech a wound back of the HWT, and get reay to assault. Hormagaunts run forward, one is close to the Aegis line and will assault. Hive Guard rip the Inferno cannon and two Hull points off of the HellHound. The other HG take a hull point off the chimera with poor rolling. Tervigons advance, one is now very close to the relic, he FNPs himself. The other runs towards the Aegis line, and makes himself Toughness 9! Tyrant Star uses Enfeeble on an Infantry Squad, who are then assaulted by on Hormagaunt Squad. I get an easy 11 from Fleet re rolls and overwatch kills 1 maybe. I do 27 wounds to the squad, and eat through the lasguns. He finally has to allocate to his sarge, and his 14 wounds still to save. This guy made 7 5+ saves in a row! He failed his 8th, and then "Look out Sir!" -ed onto the flamer, and then made the next two saves. We were both laughing our asses off, but I was actually getting worried. Thankfully he failed his ELEVENTH save and didn't look out. I wipe the squad and consolidate between the forest and the Aegis line. The Tyrant assaults and kills the HWTs of course.

IG turn 3: Behind the Aegis line, both Russes, the Inf. Squad and the CCS all turn to face the gaunts and Flyrant suddenly in their lines. The Veteran Chimera rolls up behind the ruin and also aims that way. When the smoke clears i'm down to 8 Hormagaunts and 0 Flyrants in the area. The Vendetta flies off the board. An extra infantry squad and the Marine lascannon also had to help take down the Flyrant. At this point he's shot most of his army, a few lasguns ring out and I think I might take a wound on a Tyrant Guard.

Tyranids turn 3: Hive Guard take another point off the chimera and wreck the Rhino with marines inside. The Tyrant Star gets within 18" of the disembarked Marines and kills all 3 regular bolter Marines. (Now a sarge, flamer and captain.) The surviving Hormagaunts assault into an Infantry Squad and whipe them out but lose one in return from overwatch. One Tervigon grabs the objectvie and runs back, the other goes to T7 and runs towards the Russes. The other Hormagaunts and the 10 man gaunt squad are hanging back guarding the Tervigon with the objective, who gives herself Endurance and Regenerates a wound from "It will not Die!"

IG turn 4. The regular Russ and an infantry squad, as well as the lascannon Marine Squad, wipe out the Hormagaunts in their midst, the Demolisher takes a wound of the Tyrant. The Vendetta comes on the board and kills a Tyrant Guard. Basalisk fire scatters of, and everything else in his army targets the Tyrant. I laugh like a maniac and make all of my saves. His chimera immobilises itself trying to get it's melta vets into range.

Nids turn 4: My Hive Guard all try to snipe the Vendetta but fail horribly. The Iron arm Tervi gets T9 again and gets closer to the Russes, but not enough to assault. The Tyrant Star shoots into the PCS and whipe them, other than that I'm shuffling around, guarding the Relic. One Tervigon spawns some gaunts who shoot into the Hellhounds side armor and glance it to death. The other spawns a brood into his far right corner as linebreakers.

Guard turn 5: His Vendetta hovers and moves back, wounding a tyrant Guard and my Tyrant. massed autocannon and las fire, with extra Heavy Bolters, means my tyrant is down to one wound, as is his last Tyrant Guard. Both Russes point their guns into the T9 Tervigon and knock two wounds off. His meltavets disembark and take down a few of the spawned Gaunts, as do the marines nearby.  His captain's marine squad advance on my Hive guard but fail to wound.

Nids turn 5: My Tyrant goes crazy and charges towards him, using his Devourers to snipe his CCS in the far back of his army, whiping them out and giving me "Kill the Warlord". My Tervigon with the objective hides behind some ruins, while the other charges a russ and whiffs horribly. He does spawn Gaunts though, who charge one of his annoying infantry Squads. My Hormagaunts advance to try to kill his marines with the Lascannon. I make my 11" assault, but then overwatch kills an amazing 3 gaunts (2 bolters and a lascannon =3 6s to hit...) and I'm out of range again, so no assault. Boo. Hive Guard take advantage of the skimming Vendetta and destroy it through Hull points. My Tervigon who attacked the Russ spawns some Gaunts who go and attack the Infantry Squad in the back, and awkwardly lose combat. But hey, no No Retreat!

Note: I'm pretty confident now, as I have the objective and now that I've killed his warlord, I have 4 points and therefore can't tie from him having the three secondary onjectives. If the game ends now, I win 4-2. (He has the marines with captain in my Deplymeny zone, and First Blood)

Guard turn 6: He rolls a 4, and so it continues! He starts by killing off my Tyrant, and his marines and Veterans whipe out the gaunts that had killed the Hell Hound Earlier. His Demolisher and Basalisk scatter off of my Tervigon with objective, and his regular Russ backs away from the failtastic Tervigon, wounding him once. His marines and captain just chill in my deployment zone plinking away at the Hive Guard. He has an infantry Squad who also fails to hurt the Hive Guard.

At this point he's running low on guys, but has a few Vehicles left.

Tyranids turn 6: I spawn more gaunts who run at the Infantry Squad, and a Tervigon charges the Leman Russ, and only takes off a Hullpoint and one Heavy Bolter. My enraged wounded Tyrant Guard charges and kills one marine. My Hive Guard fire into various targets but fail to do much I think. My Hormagaunts swing around to charge something, but there really arent any targets as his Demolisher is rear armor 11.

Turn 7 he fails to do much, my Hive Guard kill his marines in my deployment zone, my Tervigon FINALLY kills the Russ, and the other (with objective) charges and wrecks the demolisher. Hive Guard shake and strip Hpoints off the basalisk and take the Chimera down to one Hullpoint left. Hormagaunts kill the last marines on the board, and the gaunts wipe out the Infantry Squad I'd been fighting for a few turns.

IG remnants: Basalisk, one hull point, Immobilised Chimera, one hull point, a depleted Vet squad and one Infantry Squad with Autocannon.

I had both Tervigons, and 5 of my 6 Hive Guard, as well as a Hormagaunt brood and 3 gaunt broods milling around.

Result: Tyranid Victory! 5-2 ( I had Linebreaker, Kill the warlord, and objective. He had the First Blood and killed my warlord)

Thoughts on 6th: This was my first game, and it went well. I'm not sure if Hive Guard got better or worse. MCs definately improved, and Biomancy is amazing. Hordes may have gotten slightly worse overall, but they're still good in my mind. I should have another game this weak, I'll try to take pictures. I think I'm going to try out Gargoyles, as they were a staple unit in 5th Edition.

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