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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tyranids Incoming?

A few rumors are of incoming new Tyranid Models! The rumor is below:

Flyer waves incoming: there are two full waves pending release: a Tyranid wave (Harpy, Harrier, Tyranid Warriors, Mycetic Spore and reinvented rules for Pyrovore as anti-air unit) and a Dark Eldar wave ... (continued in the post)
Note that this is not my rumor, I have no hidden sources sadly. Seized from a blog.

Ok, discussion time! This is ALL speculation.

Harrier? Not really sure what that is, but I want one! Hopefully it'll be nice and big. Im guessing its a 6 wound FMC personally. After all, we already have a 1 and two 3 wound flying beasts, and (kinda) two 4 wound FMCs. So, Im guessing its a giant flying trygon. Or, possibly a Harpy variant geared for CC (so hopefully high Strength for Vector Strikes.) Maybe even a psycher!

Mycetic Spore/Harpy/Warriors: About time! Im sure that the Warriors will have Wings available, Im curious to see if BS/LW will be an option with the finecast pack. I don't really think that Harpys are worth it, but I could see myself grabbing a spore or two.

Pyrovore... Oh boy! Not sure what it ll be. However, based on the Daemons update in WD, this could be a serious buff. I think theyd have to change the rules drastically though. With any luck they'll become a Heavy or Fast Attack choice. With the Elites slot as it is, it would have to be cheesier than a Paladins uncle to be worth it. If they just made it Hive Guard with Skyfire, I dont think itd be worth it, as we ll see a drop in Flyers with the next few releases Im sure. We dont need to pick "specialized" units if there will only be one or two flyers on the board. Still, we'll see how this works out, Id love for GW to give the bugs some love!

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  1. Ugh - pryovore reinvention as an anti-flyer unit? Hooray - lets make an already overcrowded Elite FOC worse?