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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

RTT game 2 1850 vs. IG

In my first game, I escaped with a Win in a brutal game against Drop Pod vulkan marines. Now, I find myself matched up against my Guard playing buddy who I drove up with. (He's also the guard player from my previous Battle Reports. For the record, I hate his shooting phase.)

His list:

CCS (dual flamer, vox, and something else. Maybe 3 flamers) His warlord
LR Demolisher
Regular Russ with HBolters
PCS with 4 flamers
50 guys (1x20 man with 2 Autocannons, 3x10 man with flamer) Also, after out last game, he has added DER KOMMISSAR
2x3Lascannon HWTs
1x3 Missile Launchers HWTs
Meltavets in Chimera
Vendetta (in reserve with PCS inside)

10 tacs, missile flamer,
Captain with fist
5 assault marines with fist

My list is the same as last time of course, but here it is:
1xTyrant Guard
Flyrant wwith dual Scytals
2x3 Hive Guard
1x2  venomthropes
2x Hormagaunt Brood w/ Adrenal and Toxim (19 and 20 models)
2x10 gaunts
2x Tervigons with 3 Powers

Mission: a Custom mission where one gets a victory point EACH TURN for each table quarter you hold. Deployment was Vanguard strike, the diagonal line that gives your opponent an insane amount of space to deploy back in if theyre a shooting army. The army with the most Elites and Fast Atack combined (me) takes first turn, and the secondary objectives are Linebreaker and Kill the Warlord.

Warlord Traits: No impact on the game at all. I modified his reserve roll by one, and he either passed or failed by a wide enough margin that it wouldnt have mattered. His was leadership based or something.

Psychic Powers:
Swarmlord: Enfeeble, Warp Speed, Endurance, Hemorrhage
Flyrant: Warp Speed, Endurance
Tervigon 1: Enfeeble, Warp Speed, Endurance
Tervigon 2: Haemorrhage, Iron Arm (after getting Iron arm, I roll on telekinesis in hopes of the shield, but instead get Gate of Infinity. Nice, but with so many models on the board, scatter is too big of a risk.)

Pregame thoughts: With table quarters, I can easily hold the one entierely in my zone, and I can throw gaunts out to grab the side two. This will force him to move and at least contest the others, and I can contest his fairly easily. Note that vehicles can neither contest or claim, thankfully.


Tyranids: I use my usual stance of a wide deployment along the front, again with Hive Guard on both flanks. The Tervigons are in the center with the Swarmlord and Venomthropes, my Hormagaunts are center and right of my lines. I put one of my gant squads far back in my quarter in area terrain, and I put the other on my far left so that I start the game with 3 table quarters potentially claimed.
 He has some tall rocky terrain in the center of his zone, so if I overwhelm him on the right I will have cover and maybe blocked LoS from most of what he puts on the left, his army is too numerous to be able to fit it all on the right so I know he ll have some firepower there.

IG deployment: He puts both russes with two infantry squads in front on my right, (contesting a table quarter) and his 20 man blob with the SM captain to the left, along with the Meltavets. His Lascannon teams and Missiles are also to my left, so if I continue with my plan to go right I ll be in cover and possibly block LoS. His assault marines are a counter punch behind the two Russes, while his Tac marines are next to them for Missile Launcher shooting and to support the Assault marines Id guess. His CCS is in the far back of his lines with an Infantry squad.

Turn 1: Well, he siezes the initiative on me. I dont know how he does this, but he does this only to me... Yikes. No night fight either.

Turn 1 Guard: No moving, he just unloads. All his lasguns are out of range, but Pie Plates and Lascannons mean that my left side Hive Guard are evaporated completely. I think I also take a single wound on a Tervigon.

Turn 1 Tyranids: I really, really, hate guard. I just lost half of my guns in turn 1, and now I'm about to charge right into his teeth. I just need to tie him up while my gants win the game by sitting on table quarters. I move and run everything up, with no spawning, but orienting my forces slightly to the left as I do. My surviving Hive Guard kill 5 Guardsmen in front of the regular Leman Russ, but they pass morale. Psychic powers means that Im throwing FNP all over, onto Hive Guard, the Swarmlord, and the Flyrant, who had swooped up and is range to charge an Infantry squad, but he is hiding out of LoS at the moment. The Tervigon closer to the left gets Iron Arm up to Toughness 7.

Turn 2 IG: His vendetta comes in and keeps the PCS inside. It is on my left in no mans land, and he it manages to kill a Hive Guard. His movement is notably his Meltavets chimera moving 18" straight towards the bottom left table quarter, literally moving on the board age to skirt the threat range of my army. This contests a table Quarter, we each now hold our own. Other shooting wounds the Iron Arm tervigon againt, and I believe the Swarmlord. I probably lose a gaunt or two.

Turn 2 Tyranids: Nothing really to do except charge forward again, and try to push him out of the top right table quarter so that I can claim it. Everything advances towards his lines, I try to target his Vendetta with Hive Guard and fail to roll above a 3 to hit. Yikes. The Flyrant jumps out and promptly eats the whole infantry squad in front of his Demolisher. Everything else is advancing and running, with Endurance firing off all over. I think my left H gaunts, the Swarmlord and the Flyrant recieve it.

Turn 3 IG: His Demolisher, Russ and infatry all advance towards my lines. I wasnt expecting that at all, but now it means my Flyrant is horribly exposed, and a combination of Lascannons, missiles, and bolters proceed to remove him from the table. The Russes and the depleted infantry squad open up into my army, I think I lose wounds on the Swarmlord and a Tervigon,  but only lose a few gaunts. His vendetta doesnt like its options and leaves the board. His meltavets move next to my cowering gaunts and light them up, killing them all. The quarter is still contested by me.

Turn 3 Nids: I finally have units in range, and charge the swarmlord into the Russ and two brood of gaunts into the infantry squad, the Swarmie and  the Hgaunts make it,  I destroy him utterly in both assaults. I consolidate closer to his tanks to make pie plates risky. Hive Guard cant damage the Demolisher, and I throw FNP around like candy. At this point, most of my army is in cover or out of LOS from the blob and HWTs, as I surge up his right. I also pop gaunts out in my right Tervigon, but double out.

Turn 4 Guard: His vendtta comes in on the far right, and takes a wound off of the Swarmlords guard. His Demolisher also hits the Swarmlord, but fails to wound. The blast catches and kills one Venomthrope though. His Assault Marines pistol and shoot the gaunt brood I just spawned. Hilariously he fails all three saves I make him take, but still kills a lot, and is locked. I LOVE the improved Fearless! More shooting from his left wounds my left Iron Arm Tervigon, and kills a handful of Hormagaunts.

Turn 4 Tyranids: I advance both Hormagaunt Broods. The one farther to the right tries to go around the wrecked Russ and hit his Tac squad, the other goes through terrain at the blob. I fail the charge on the right due to overwatch and flamers, but I make it on the left. Of the seven models that were alive at this point, 1 survives the overwatch and blows, tying the blob up for next turn! Go Fearless! . (I had enfeebled the squad to this purpose.) Hive Guard whipe out a Lascannon team. The Tervigon was about to charge the Demolisher, but had its lane blocked by the Hormagaunts who almost assaulted the marines. Poor manuevering on my part... gaunts kill the last marine in combat, except for the sarge with fist.

Turn 5 IG: He moves his vendetta into my bottom right corner, and has no targets. However, he does drop off the PCS finally and scores a slight scatter next to my termagant brood, my only unit still in that corner. After the flamers go down I m stripped to five models. (If he had hit his scatter Id have been toasted.) I miraculously survive and plan vengeance. His blob is tied up, but kills the lone Hgaunt with ease in assault. His Demolisher blasts the Swarmlord and I lose his guard. More shooting whittles down some wounds on the Tervigon and kills the Swarmlord, but both Tervigons are still barely alive at the end.

Tyranids turn 5: My one venomthrope moves up to ensure that Im still contesting his quarter, while I spawn gaunts to make sure that the bottom left is also contested. The gaunts fleshborers, Hive Guard, and both Tervigons kill the PCS with shooting, I hold that table quarter again. My last Hormagaints about face from the Tac squad and kill the last Assault sarge, giving me a second table quarter. (his Demolisher can nont contest)

At this point the game ends, with me having a majority of the points. I accidently kept my tally on the score sheet, which I had to turn in later, so I dont have it written down. The final tally was fairly close, with him killing my warlord and both of us achieving linebreaker. In the end we both had our own quarter most of the time, but I had claimed the top right and bottom left for a turn each.

Tyranid Victory! At this point Im at 2-0 and have a handy amount of battle points. Of the 10 players, theres a BA and another Nid player who are also 2-0.

Thoughts on the game: Sieze sucks, but I had a mission that favors me more than him. He had most of his infantry left at the end, but all in his quarter, and I couldnt kill the damn Vendetta. I hate that thing. Still, I held the objectives and felt good, but Ive had a pair of brutal games so far, both of them high scoring, so I have a lot of points so far.

On to round 3!

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