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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Looking at Crucible

Just a few notes that I'm putting in my head leading up to the event itself:

-There are 4 Space Wolf armies, 3 of which are in allied lists. It's quite likely I'll see them at least once! Fortunately I've been reviewing my tactics for facing JotWWs, so I should fare better than last time.

-There is exactly one Eldar and one Dark Eldar army, but they happen to be the same army as allies. I'll hope to avoid them, but I already have my gameplan if I do see them, assuming either a deathstar list or a fast venomspam list.

-All of the missions have a primary secondary and tertiary, worth 7, 5, and 2 points respectively. That means taking second and third is just as good as first, which then takes it down to the bonus objectives. I think "playing for the draw" will be very viable in this case, where I could forfeit primary and try to collect the rest for a close win.

-The old Daemons book is still in play, so watch out for Flamers and Screamers, they're still dangerous on their last gasp.

-Lists were submitted prior to the recent flyer update, so shouldn't see any Stormravens outside of the BA/GK books.

-There's a LOT of MEQ! I don't mind this, but theres 3 Tyranid players, one ork player (with Crons) and one eldar player. Everything else is Crons, MEQ or guard (might be a Tau player)

-I have no idea how much FW I will see, I am hoping not much, but I really have no idea! I am looking over the BAO though to see what FW is most popular.

-Painting update! My army is 100% done. Unfortunately, it needs to be about 120% done to account for extra gants I may make... I need to get 10 more of these guys done in the next few days, which is certainly within reach! I want to have plenty of extras! Of my two-tier army case, a converted toolbox, exactly one level is all gants... I pity the fool with no templates!

-I will be writing tons of Batreps and taking pics, expect all of that!

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