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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Crucible GT standings/review

Alright, I've finished my 6 Battle Reports and now, it's time for a final standings/tournament review: At the start of game 6, I was in a tie for 4th place at 62. Ahead of me, the players had 63, 68, and 71. Let's see how the final games went:
Necrons vs. Eldar/DEldar: The necron player from round 6 of Beaky, vs. the Eldar player from round 5 of Crucible. Eldar destroyed, 20-2! Necron wraiths got wrecked by the mighty Wraithguard blob, which took full points when the Wraithguard used his mulligan to reroll a 6 on a H&R attempt and claim an objective. Saved it for the last minute!
Tau/SW: Absolutely wrecked the IG player from my round 4 of Crucible, 20-0. Here's how the standings below worked out: (Top 15)
In case you can't tell by armies, I ended up with 4th place. Despite a win, I failed to advance at all from my post game 5 standing. The IG player matched me in points to stay ahead, while strong victories by Tau and Elda earned them the top 2 spots. However, the highest ranked Necron player finished number 6! Take that meta! Of course they also had the most spots in top ten with 3. as you can see, I was a point away from 3rd! This is where not consolidating in game 2 hurt me, I would love those two extra points! However, I did get a small trophy as "Best Tyranid" player.

Overall, the two players who beat me took spots #1 and #2... Combined with how bad the matchups were, I didn't have an easy path! Congratulations to them, those two guys were my favorite opponents actually. I can't complain with non-Necron, Non MEQ winning the prize! However, there were no undefeated players. Things got very messy up top! The winning Eldar list only lost to a Necron wraithwing list, Teddy from my game 6. Teddy lost to both me and Steve, another Necron player. Steve beat Joseph, the number 2 player, for his only loss. Joseph and Devin both beat me, however.

Tournament Review:


-Terrain  was absolutely fantastic!This is better terrain than I get at most LGS, even when I set up the tables! For a GT, it was absolutely fantastic. Every table looked fair and balanced, and many had very nice themes as well.

-The mission format: I like having a 1st, 2nd, 3rd objective setup, I admit better than the "Primary, then tiebreakers" of BeakyCon 2. It wasn't perfect however, more on that later.
-The players there were fantastic. No cheating, no questionable behavior, and 6 amazing opponents. I would play any and all again.

-Pure Battle Point rankings: Very, very interesting how this worked. On the one hand, it gave a lot of people the chance to feel like they were competing, and made the prizes wide open in the final two rounds, instead of a "winner takes all" of a single game.

-The Mulligan: This random free dice reroll, for submitting lists early, was quite fun, and added a bit of depth to my games early on.


-Pure Battle Point Rankings: Although I don't mind, I ended up ahead of a few 5-1 players... I would be unhappy if I was on the other side of things!

-The Mission Format: Some of the objectives were a little too fun. Example: Psycher Kill Points was basically a 5-point handicap for me in game 6. There was another KP mission that revolved around Dedicated Transports not being KPs! That's a bit unbalanced in my mind, and favors some armies WAY more than others.

-A couple rulings were questionable: For example, it was ruled that my Flyrant in area terrain recieved no area terrain cover? For me that seems like a pure "I think this makes sense logically", as it is completely unsupported by the rules as written.

-My biggest concern here: Match-ups: I won't list every example, but there were quite a few instances of players being matched up who were of very uneven points levels... One example, was round 6. Joseph and I are both tied for 4th, sitting at 62 points each. My opponent, Teddy, had 61 points. Josephs round 6 opponent however had 49 points... a huge discrepency! Perhaps I'm bitter because I'd want to do better, but I think 12 point swing between the opponents of two equally placed players is a bit ridiculous. There were other stories I heard of mis-matches. However, Joseph did deserve to finish higher than me, purely by merit of how badly he beat me!


I liked the event overall, and how it was run. It seemed a bit different from most GTs, but overall I did have a great time. If the GT is back next year, then I can guarentee I will be as well!

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