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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Small update

Well this is more of a post just to say that I am indeed alive. I haven't been very active frankly, and I expect that won't change for a bit. Life is busy, as I'm sure you all know. Still, I do have a GT coming up in two weeks, Crucible 2013. This isn't a huge tournament, and up until this year has been exclusively Warmahordes. Still, I'm very confident, in both my list and my own ability, so I'd love to go in there and walk away with something. I'm not yet overconfident though, as the overall winner of BeakyCon will be there, so it wont be an easy field either. I don't think I will get in a game until then, as I have to work ahead so that I can take those few days off. On a side note, I ran my first half marathon today (2/24). That's playing a part in me not having time/energy for much gaming at the moment.

In my absence though, the hobby has been busy! Wow, where did Daemons come from? That's a very pleasant surprise, at least to me! I personally favor Tzeentch and Khorne, so I think my Chaos Marines have allies incoming... I for one love the new plastic chariot of Tzeentch! For $40 it wouldn't be hard to make 2 screamers, a flamer, and a herald on disk, plus a few pink horrors if you have spare bases. Buying a couple to boost some units isn't a bad idea, compared to the price of doing it individually. Also, that new Khorne Herald is great. Of course though, I'm still a gamer, so the rules are very interesting. The lack of Eternal Warrior also has me very very excited! With the amount of enfeeble we can pack, more than any other army I'd say, Nids are in my mind the number one instant death army out there, rivalled by Grey Knights. Im very much looking forward to enfeebling some screamers and letting a dakkflyrant go to town on them. Of course, whos to say that Screamers will be popular anymore? I think it'll be very well balanced internally at least. (All praise Kelly! Kelly is mighty!)

Well that's all for now I suppose. I'll be doing a very detailed cover of Crucible GT, including 6 Batreps, and a few tactics articles in the week afterwards. Wish me luck! The Hive conquers all.

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  1. Good luck with your Tyranids. I think you'll do very well. I also think a lot of players don't realize how strong are Tyranids now.

    Should be a really fun time.