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Sunday, March 10, 2013

CRUCIBLE 2013 photdump

Right! Just drove back from Crucible 2013, had an awesome time. Im tired as all heck, so no Batreps until tomorrow (probably). Here's my army, as set up for display:
 Another Tyranid army, I'm not sure how he did.
 The Necrons and Grey Knights of Steve, or the Black Blow Fly from Terminus Est. A local gamer and BOLS writer, we play a lot, but just missed eachother here.
 Another very nice Bug army
 These marines were freaking awesome, but I don't know what the army was.
 A Forge World heavy Tau/Space Wolf army... yikes!
 The last Huzzah of the Chaos Daemons.
 A gorgeous Blood angles army, the Raven won best vehicle and one character took best model.
 The ONLY army with GK as primary detachment... what's happening to the meta?
 This Eldar/DEldar player  was at BeakyCon and did quite well there, so could go far here too.
 The new Ravenwing, in purple!
 With FW allowed, Tyberios came out to play!
 A fun foot list of wolves/grey knights, that looked quite nice.
 Imperial fists, and drop Pods. It hurts my eyes!
 A collection of "Best of Faction" trophies.