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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Battle Report: 2250 Tyranids vs Nurgle and BBF

Ooh boy this is an old BatRep, one I should've written a month ago. Anyways, I might as well post it now so I can get caught up on all of my BatReps before the new book hits... Here we go! (This Battle was the day after Thanksgiving, so yeah... I'm a bit late. But I took pictures and notes, so it should be reasonable accurate.)

My list:

Swarmlord (Warlord trait: FnP within 3" of objective)
1x Tyrant Guard, Lashwhip
Flyrant, Devourers
Flyrant, Devourers
Flyrant, Devourers

10 gants
10 gants
11 gants
Tervigon (3 powers, Toxin/Adrenal)
Tervigon (3 powers, Toxin/Adrenal)
Tervigon (3 powers, Toxin/Adrenal)

2 Biovores

And here's my opponents list...

Chaos Lord: /Warlord
Mark of Nurgle—Power Axe—Sigil of Corruption
Daemon Prince:
Daemon of Nurgle—Wings—Armor—Black Mace—Spell Familiar—Level 3 Psyker
4x Plague Marine - 2x Meltagun
Champion - Combi-Melta
4x Plague Marine - Meltagun & Flamer
4x Plague Marine - Meltagun & Flamer
Heldrake - Bale Flamer

Chaos Daemons Allied Detachment

Great Unclean One:
Level 3 Psyker—2x Greater Reward
Daemon Prince:
Wings—Armor—Level 3 Psyker—2x Greater Reward
12x Plaguebearer
3x Nurgling

Swarmlord: Endurance, Enfeeble, Warp Speed, Smite
Flyrant 1: Iron Arm, Warp Speed
Flyrant 2: Endurance, Enfeeble
Flyrant 3: Iron Arm, Endurance
Tervigon 1: Iron Arm, Life Leech, Smite
Tervigon 2: Iron Arm, Enfeeble, Smite
Tervigon 3: Endurance, Life Leech, Smite

Warlord Trait, Psychic Powers & Rewards

Warlord Trait - Useless

CSM Daemon Prince—Endurance—Haemorraghe—Iron Arm

Great Unclean One—Haemorraghe—Iron Arm—Warp Speed • Armor & Bale Sword

CD Daemon Prince—Enfeeble—Haemorraghe—Warp Speed • +1W, IWND & Bale Sword

The Mission
Here are the rules for the mission we played which is from the Crucible 3 40k GT qualifier.

Deployment—Hammer and Anvil

Mission Special Rules
Night Fight—Infiltrate—Outflank—Deep Strike—Reserves

Primary Mission
Place an objective in the center of each table quarter and one objective at the center of the table for a total of 5 objectives. Heavy Support are scoring units (including vehicles) and each is worth 1 victory point (VP) if destroyed. Only scoring units can control the objectives. The player with the most objectives wins this mission, if an equal number of objectives are controlled by both players then the mission is a draw.

Secondary Mission
All Scoring units are worth 2 VP if destroyed and 1 VP is below 50% in unit strength. The player with the most VPs wins this mission, if both players' score is equal then the mission is a draw.

Tertiary Mission
Destroy Vehicles, Monstrous Creatures, and Flyers! Each Vehicles and Monstrous Creature is worth 1 VP and each Flier and Flying Monstrous Creatures are worth 2 VP. The player with the most VPs wins this mission, if the points are equal then the mission is a draw.

Victory Conditions
Calculate the total VPs for each mission. The player with the most VP for each mission wins that objective and generates Battle Points (see below). In the event of a draw then the Battle Points are divided between both players equally rounding down. The player with the most overall Battle Points wins this scenario.

Primary Mission
8 Battle Points (WIN) - 4 Battle Points (DRAW)

Secondary Mission
5 Battle Points (WIN) - 2 Battle Points (DRAW)

Tertiary Mission
3 Battle Points (WIN) - 1 Battle Point (DRAW)

Bonus Objectives (Each is worth 1 BP)
Slay the Warlord—First Blood—Line Breaker

Pre-Game Thoughts:

My list is basically just a monster-mash: I know that this book will be gone soon, so I'm trying out the Swarmlord. I've used him before, and disliked him, but here I've dropped all of my support elements to squeeze him in. So no Ymgarls, and no Doom. Also, I though that the Secondary Objective here was to kill Troops units not scoring, this'll matter later.

My plan: Take the center and hold: I am certain I can control the middle of the board, and outdo him in CC. If I take three of five objectives, I'll take Primary. Then, my four Tyrants/Swarmlord will just try to kill his troops.

Deployment Tyranids:

Deployment Nurgle: My opponent is often very conservative in the early turns...

Tyranid turn 1: I advance the minimum distance to be flying, and everything else sprints ahead. I should have a solid hold on the center.

 Turn 1 Nurgle: Again, he's very conservative with his forward moves:

Turn 2 Tyranids: One Flyrant gets Toughness 9 and sneaks up the side for a Rhino kill for First Blood. The other two move laterally, to stay out of Vector Strike range and control where he can put his turkey. The one Flyrant shoots his Rhino (with smoke popped) and glances once with two Pens. He passes all three cover saves! Crap.

The rest of my army advances however (Warrior is a Tyrant guard)

Turn 2 Nurgle: He brings his Turkey on, again very conservatively.

He also enfeebles my Flyrant to Toughness 8, and gets out to shoot him down. His very first shot is a hit, and I fail my grounding check... Wow. Then I take another wound from Meltas (failing all my FnPs of course). His Prince which had landed assaults me, and I die before swinging back thanks to his poisonous weapon. He also Deep Strikes his Great Unclean one (behind the green prince after scatter). My Opponent has First Blood.

Tyranid turn 3:  My other Iron Arm Flyrant (Toughness 9) advances and shoots his Great Unclean One, taking a few wounds off, nothing major. Everything else runs up, and my other Flyrant takes two wounds off of the Prince that killed my Flyrant.

Turn 3 Daemons: His Nurglings try to go to my Biovores, they Mishap and I place them nearby so I can get points for killing troops.

And his plaguebearers land near my Flyrant, but not enough to mishap. He loses one to dangerous terrain.

Then he targets my Flyrant with his Plague Marines, and again I take a wound and fail my first grounding check. Gah! He gets assaulted by the GUO, and again gets chopped up. My opponent was about to assault the Swarmlord with his wounded Prince, until I reminded him of my Lash Whips, which I wouldn't do in a tournament. He instead flies away.

Tyranid turn 4: I'm annoyed at the loss of two Flyrants, I was a bit reckless. But, I also had bad luck that both were grounded. I enfeeble one of his 5 man Plague Marine squads, then give the last Flyrant Preferred Enemy (from Swarmlord) and shoot them up. I do 9 wounds, and he makes every single save. It would have been huge to kill three of them, as that's a point for the Secondary. Otherwise, I just advance. His Nurglings get shot to heck easily.

Turn 4 Nurgle: He holds down the fort by one objective. A rhino advances.

The lucky Plague Marines get in their Rhino and scoot away.

His Heldrake, between Flame and Vector Strike, kills one brood of gants, an 8 man spawn. Also, a Prince (who failed Iron Arm) sits in the ruin in the very top-right window if you can see that below.

Turn 5 Nids: Swarmlord runs and sits on an objective to deny his Plague Marines a late-turn grab. My Flyrant sits there and shoots his Rhino, doing no damage... wow. In other parts, I enfeeble his Prince to Toughness 4. Then, I shoot him with a Tervigon, and 4 units of gants (after spawning). In total, 27 shots had range and LoS, and I end up only causing one hit! He passes his grounding check, which would have ID'd him! Blast.

Turn 5 Nurgle: His Prince drops and attacks my Tervigon, I swing first due to terrain, and Toughness 8 I smash. Each wound Instant Kills, and I fail to land a single hit... sigh. He also crashed a Rhino forward but doesn't disembark. His Prince does some wounds to my Tervigon but she lives.

I roll for it, and the game ends! It's been a tough game, but let's tally it up:

Primary: I have 3 objectives to one, so 8 points to me.
Secondary: I have Nurglings, he had a gant brood, tie.
Tertiary: He killed two Flyrants, I wounded some of his MCs. 3 points to him

I have linebreaker, he has first blood.

Final score: 9-4, Tyranids victory!

Or is it?

My opponent texted me after I got home. Re-reading the mission (which II hadn't read, my opponent just described it) the secondary was Scoring units not Troops. Ouch! Nurglings aren't scoring, and he would have taken the Secondary, for a 9-9 tie!

So as the game ended, it is a tie, but if I'd known that in game, I'd have certainly played differently. Still, it was a friendly game, so no harm done, and a great game at that.

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  1. I forgot my CSM Prince had the Black Mace which would have cleared out a lot of the enfeebled gants plus there would have been the slight chance the Tervigon could have failed it toughness test as well. If it had gone a sixth turn the enfeebled gants couldn't hurt the rhino in the building... Tank shock them into a line for the Plague Marine's flamer wounding them on 2+ with no armor save. The CSM Prince then would probably have nuked the Tervigon on pure wounds assuming I rolled a 2+ for the daemon weapon... Which have resulted in more dead gants. At that point the Swarmlord was too far forward to get back into the fight so it would have been up to your last Flyrant and to be honest I don't think he could have stood up to the CSM DP in close combat. So we all mistakes for whatever reason... Mine could have resulted in a win for me. I don't really see the Nurglings as having an impact on the final results—there are purely a temporary distraction or tarpit at best.