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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tyranids in a month:

Well, we are now 100%, absolutely sure that Nids are coming very soon. Currently the word is December, but a few are saying January, and a few are saying a dual-wave in both months. Obviously, we have new Hive Guard coming...

And beyond that nothing is certain. A big kit is likely (Dominar/something else) and a Flyer (Harpy/Erinye), plus a Mycetic Spore. Zoanthropes are rumored as well as redos of some base troops like Warriors...

Rules are pretty vague so far. Basically, changes to Synapse and the Psychic Powers are likely, and of course rumors of better balances.

Well, I'm pumped! Nids are great now, but getting repetitive. I did well in the last GT (minus dice) and I'm hoping that with a new codex I could do even better. Having a codex in line with Tau or Eldar would be great. I'm also hoping to not need tooooo many new models. Here's my list below of models:

3 Flyrants (2 magnetized, one could be Harpy)
1 Tyrant/Swarmlord
1 Tyrant guard
4 Warriors
3 Shrikes
~40 Gargoyles
40 Hormagaunts
72 Fleshborer gants
~10 Rippers
3 Tervigons
2 Trygons (1 can be Mawloc)
1 Carnifex
4 Mycetic Spores
2 Venomthropes
3 Zoanthropes
6 Hive Guard
12 Genestealers
3 Biovores
2 Lictors

I feel like thats a pretty good amount (way too many...) but I will obviously buy more. Probably two of the new MCs, because they'll be good, and the new FMC. I also expect Hive Guard to stay good, with new guns and kit, so I'll maybe just convert three of the 6 I have, as they're rumored to be good anti-Flyer. With Christmas coming up I could easily shell out 200 in this release for a new 'Dex and a few kits... I'll also likely have to finish my Gargoyles and Hormagaunts if they're good. I'm looking forward to a new book and ways to crush my enemy!

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  1. Was hoping we'd see them before Xmas but that doesn't look like the case. I need to write up a list like this so I know what I have..