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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tyranid biomorph points costs

Evening all. There are scans of the spanish codex running around... thank Norn I've taken that class for five years! I'm not perfect, but I know what it says. Here's the Biomorph list for Tyranids, in English!

Basic Bioweapons: (warrior options I think)

spinefists free
Scything Talons free
Deathspitter +5

Basic Biocannons: 

Barbed strangler +10
Venom Cannon +10

Monstrous Biocannons:

Twin linked Deathspitter +5
Twin Linked Devourers with BL worms +15
Stranglethorn Cannon +15
Heavy Venom Cannon +20

Close Combat Bioweapons:

Rending Claws +5
Two Boneswords +15
Lashwhip and Bonesword +20

Thorax biomorphs:

Shreddershard Beetles +10
Electroshock Grubs +10
Dessicator Larvae +10

Major Biomorphs:

Toxin Sacks +10
Adrenal Glands +15
Acid Blood +15
Regeneration +30


Maw-Claws of Thryax +10
Miasma Cannon +25
Norn Crown +40
Ymgarl Factor +40
The Reaper of Obliterax +45

1. Can't take Heavy VC and Stranglethorn Cannon
2. Haruspex can't take acid blood
3. Norn Crown/Ymgarl factor don't replace weapons, rest of bioartifacts do.


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