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Thursday, January 23, 2014

11/15/2013 RTT 1850

Right, well this is super duper late so I'm combining 3 games into one just to get them all done before I start posting BatReps from the new 6th edition book... Here we go!

I used what was (in 5th edition) my "standard" 1850 list, that I'd been using for almost a year.

Flyrant: Wings, Devs, OA
Flyrant: Wings, Devs, HC
10 gants
10 gants
20 gants
Tervigon, Toxin, Adrenal, 3 powers
Tervigon, Toxin, Adrenal, 3 powers
Tervigon, Toxin, Adrenal, 3 powers
5 Ymgarls
5 Ymgarls
The Doom in a SPod
2 Biovores

Game 1: Against DEldar, he had many Warriors in Raiders and Venoms, plus 20 warriors with the duke attached, and several Ravagers. Here's some highlights...

I spawned early, hoping to get some extra gants because of his extra dakka. Sadly I spawned out way too early. 

My Flyrants flew around trying to gun down his Ravagers. I know they'll likely die, and I lose one turn 2 and the other turn 3. Fortunately I killed all three Ravagers before they were gunned down. (Note my outflanking linebreaker gants below...) My Flyrants also earned me First Blood.

Having lost my Warlord, I ambushed his... 5 Ymgarls jumped out of Pipes and trashed his 20 man warrior squad after Biovores softened it up. I lost three, but swept his unit and the Duke to boot!

On my left flank there was a Reaver full of Warriors harrassing me. I failed two four inch charges in successive turns, first with poison gants, then a Tervigon!

Finally it was popped and his Warriors fled before my mighty wrath! 

End of the day? A victory! I held one objective in my back field, while he grabbed one in the center. I killed all but one of his troops, and knew I could at least hold the one I had placed out of LoS. I got all three secondary objectives, while he only slew my Warlord. A narrow victory over my arch-nemesis army!

But oh no, it would not get any easier... Taudar. Yuck. This was a... weird... mission where the mission was board control. What that meant, I have no idea. The judge said he would walk around at the end and decide who held the most of the board... weird. I didn't like it, but I had to play it. 

I assaulted his central firebase with mighty wrath! Fortunately I kept him bunched up. Walls helped shield my Flyrants as well and I killed many firewarriors. :) I also caused his Broadsides to fall off the table for first blood by targeting Drones for a 25% casualty check! 

My hordes advanced to secure "board control".

I assaulted a Commander and Firewarriors with Ymgarls and the Flyrant. Despite his mighty invulnerables I eventually smashed his commander for good.

 And I controlled the board...

I broke free and assaulted his Riptide+Eldrad!

Boy oh boy. This was a great game, and the judge ruled I won, but it was close. Towards the end he attempted a breakout and got pretty close to my lines but couldn't break my gant swarm. Twas a good game! I feel I deserved to win for killing Eldrad, getting First Blood and Linebreaker again, plus killing a good bit of his army. Still I would rather it have been a less, well, vague mission, as my opponent obviously wasn't happy with the result. 

Game 3: There were three undefeated players at this point... the two others played eachother while I was left with a one-loss opponent, and his Salamanders. Again, the mission was... odd. One troops unit could sit in an area terrain piece and perform a "ritual". Don't move shoot or get assaulted for two full player turns after this, and you have succeeded. First to do so gets 3 points, the other player then gets 1 if they do.

My opponent's deployment zone. 

A command squad and rhino shield got too close. I put a Tervigon in area terrain, cast Iron Arm and took the Primary. Then I mulched his command squad, except a Shield Captain whom I tied up. 

Just to make sure, I killed his Tactical squad by the tree to make sure he didn't get the Primary too. 

And swarmed his biker squad... 

Like, I really swarmed them. They died.

This game was rough due to a stupid mission and stupid rolls as well. He killed a Tervigon and I had gants fall back from a Dread they were tying up, only for them to rally and shoot his rear armor for three Glances. Wow. Just stuff like that, but my opponent was a great sport. 

Final: I took second place at 3-0, which is a shame as I feel I could have beaten the winners GK army, but oh well.

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