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Friday, January 24, 2014

01/19 NEW Tyranids vs Daemons 2000

This is my Math-hammered out new bug list. I'm not playing around, this is a hard-core all-comers list that fears no one. Except Jotww in a pod, but whatever.

Tyranids 2000 (2x FOC)

Flyrant, Devourers, Hive Commander.
Flyrant, Devourers
Flyrant, Devourers
10 gants
20 gants
30 gants
3 Biovores

And the Daemon list:

Slaanesh Prince, Wings, Armor, Lash, Grimoire
16 Horrors
16 Horrors
~15 Daemonettes
9 Screamers

10 cultists
Heldrake (autocannon)

The Mission:

Primary (8 points): Big Guns never tire: 5 objectives, center of board and each table quarter.
Secondary (5 points): Kill points: Scoring units count as 2 kps, 1 if at half. No other units count)
Tertiary (3 points): Pick one opponent scoring unit. If you kill it successfully you gain 3 points, if you both fail or both succeed, no one gets points.
Bonus (1 point each): Three Rulebook bonuses.

Deployment: Hammer and Anvil
First Turn: Daemons

Fateweaver: Molten Beam, Precognition, Dominate, Enfeeble
Daemon Prince: Hemorrhage, Warp Speed, Life Leech
Bel'akor: Telepathy discipline

Flyrant 1: Dominion, Warp Blast
Flyrant 2: Dominion, Paroxysm
Flyrant 3: Dominion, Onslaught
Tervigon: Onslaught
Zoanthrope: Dominion

Deployment Daemons: His three Flying Monstrous Creatures are out front. A Bastion with 10 cultists is in the center with one Pink horror squad on each side. Daemonettes are to my left, and Screamers out front with the FMCs. 

Deployment Tyranids: See below, the tower is a bastion. Tervigon with a green plastic piece is a Tyrannofex, and Carnifex on the large base is an Exocrine.

Turn 1 Daemons: He advances his army, with the Prince and Be'Lakor on the right. (He would later run the prince forward behind the building) His Screamers are Invisible for a 2++ re-rollable cover save... not bad. He also puppet masters my Tyrannofex with many gants nearby, but I deny! 

Turn 1 Nids: Time to strike back! Tyrannofexs both advanced behind a screen and killed a Screamer each. I onslaughted two Flyrants, taking my opponent by surprise as I moved both 7+ inches farther than he thought. I ended up catching his Grimoire Prince with 18 Devourer shots and a Warp Lance, which proved enough to take him down! First Blood and a major blow struck! 

 Turn 2 Daemons: His invisible Screamers swoop over my Zoanthrope and take him down. Be'Lakor Vector Strikes my Warlord down to 2 wounds and flies off the board. He advances otherwise, and grounds one of my Flyrants and assaults him with Daemonettes. He loses many but takes the Flyrant down.

Turn 2 Tyranids: I kill many Daemonettes with Biovores and a second Flyrant, the last one gets killed by the Exocrine. I advance slightly with gants. Then, I assault three MCs into the Screamers after killing two more with Flamers. Between wounds and Daemonic Instability, I kill all of them.

Turn 3 Daemons: His Heldrake and Be'Lakor come in. Various shots take down another Flyrant, but little else. Fateweaver tries to take out my Tervigon but I take no wounds to shooting. 

Turn 3 Nids: 30 gants appear on his right side, and between that and my last Flyrant I take his Horrors down, with a little help from a Heavy Bolter in the Bastion. I  also ground Fateweaver and assault him. He has a 4++ re-rollable, but if I wound him once he dies... No wounds are dealt however.

Turn 4 Daemons: His Heldrake takes more shots to no effect, as Be'Lakor Hallucinates my Warlord Flyrant who is then killed anyways. Fateweaver and the TFex do little.

Turn 4 Nids: I throw the other TFex at Fateweaver and kill him. Biovores pound his Horrors as I advance. 

Turn 5 Daemons: We agree this will be it, and he assaults my 30 gants and kills all with Be'Lakor. Cultists take that objective. Heldrake Vector Strikes my Tervigon but fails to kill him. 

Turn 5 Nids: My Exocrine (who had been advancing) assaults his Horrors on the left objective, pulling them off. I move onto the back two objectives. I could have taken the third, but it is no longer needed. 

Primary: 2-1, Tyranid 8 points
Secondary: 4-0, Tyranid 5 points
Tertiary: I killed his Daemonettes, Tyranid 3 points
I also got Warlord and first Blood, he got Warlord. 

18-1 final, domination! 

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