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Saturday, August 3, 2013

2250 Tyranids vs Chaos

Had a game one week ago against a CSM list: 2250 points, double Force Organization chart. Here's my list:

Flyrant, Devourers,
Flyrant, Devourers, HC
Flyrant, Devourers
Tervigon, Tox/Adrenal, 3 powers (Warlord)
Tervigon, Tox/Adrenal, 3 powers
Tervigon, Tox/Adrenal, 3 powers
10 gants
10 gants
5 Ymgarls
5 Ymgarls
3 Zoeys in a Pod
Doom in a Pod
3 Biovores

My opponents list:

Chaos Nurgle Lord on Bike with Black Mace
Sorceror  Lord of Nurgle on Bike, ML 3
6 Plague Marines with Flamer/Melta in Rhino
6 Plague Marines with 2x Melta in a Rhino
6 Plague Marines with 2x Melta in a Rhino
3 Nurgle Oblits
5 Nurgle Bikers, 2 Plasmas

Nurgle Prince with Wings
10 Plague bearers
10 Plague Bearers
5 Plague Drones
Soul Grinder of Nurgle (some Template weapon and a 3 shot skyfire gun)

Sadly, I lost the paper with all of my notes on it. I'm working purely off of my memory for this one.

Deployment: Dawn of War

Mission: 5 objectives, center of board and middle of each table quarter, each worth 3 points, plus 1 point per enemy unit destroyed. Basically objectives and KPs combined.

The Board: a ruin in the center of his Deployment zone, and area terrain in the center of the board, plus scattered ruins left and right.

I win the roll off and take second turn:

Chaos Deployment: The bikes and Plague bearers reserve, Drones and Prince on my left. Rhinos all in the center, with the Oblits behind and Soul Grinder to the right.

Tyranid Deployment: All three Tervigons are up front, with gants behind, 10 are outflanking. My three Flyrants hide in the back, with Biovores.

Turn 1 Chaos: His Drones and Prince advance on my left, a few random shots do some scattered wounds, I lose a few gants.

Turn 1 Nids: All three Flyrants line up and gun down his Daemon Prince, otherwise I advance slightly.

Turn 2 Chaos: His Plague Drones move up 12 and declare a charge on my Tervigon. I thought he was way out of range, but he succeeds in a 10 inch charge through terrain. Crap! I challenge his champ who declines, and kill one while taking two wounds. One Plague Bearer squad deepstrikes on my top right. Bikers come in and just sit behind his Rhinos.

Turn 2 Nids: I spawn two units of gants on the left and charge the Plague Drones, while the Flyrant wing goes straight towards his Lines. I kill a Rhino with shooting and a third with a Ymgarl charge. Doom drops in but does very little. 3 Zoans scatter 11" and nick the board edge, he places them in my bottom right corner and they run forward. I outflank 10 gants on the left side. Other Ymgarl squad charges the Plague Drones as well. His champ challenges my Tervigon this time and I'm forced to accept, we both whiff. In other combat, I kill most of the unit. Top Right my Warlord Tervigon spawns gants who shoot and assault the Plague Bearers that DS onto the objective. I win combat, and he boxcars his LD check. Poof!

Turn 3 Chaos: Bikers go far left, after one of my Flyrants. They shoot and ground him, and then assault. In a challenge with his Lord, he passes 3 Invulns and wounds me twice. Plague Bearers slag 5 Ymgarls, and the Grinder charges the Doom but both whiff. Oblits wound a Flyrant. His Plague Drone champ kills my Tervigon (he had a posionous Instant Death sword?), but I win combat by killing everything else, and he dies on Daemonic Instability.

Turn 3 Nids: One FLyrant charges teh Soul Grinder and kills it. The other flyrant sweeps and shoots some Plage bearers but whiffs and kills one. Doom consolidates towards his firebase.

Turn 4 Chaos: He backs off from Doom and fails to shoot him down, but wounds the Flyrant again. 10 Plague Bearers DS on the objective to my left. Random shooting doesn't do much.

Turn 4 Nids: Biovores hit the Plague Bearers, he goes to ground to minimize casualties. I assault two Flyrants into his two Plague Marine squads, and the Doom runs up and kills all three Oblits after my opponent rolls an 18 on 3d6. In assault I kill one champ and do a lot of damage to the other squad. However, his Chaos Lord kills my Flyrant in the other combat.

Turn 5 Chaos: His Bikers advance after a good consolidate, and charge my other Troops Tervigon. Uh Oh! I'd let him get a bit close. Again I challenge, and he kills a few gants nearby but I hold, wounding his Lord. The Poisoned gants actually inflict two wounds, and shockingly kill his Sorcerer! My Flyrants work on the Plague Marines.

Turn 5 Nids: I finish off the Plague Marines in CC, other shooting whittles down the last squad. I have gants on three objectives, with the displaced Zoans anchoring the gants to my bottom right, with a Tervigon in top right and 10 gants unsupported top left.

Turn 6 Chaos: He finishes off my Tervigon and gants, but is down to the Lord and one biker.

Turn 6 Nids: One flyrant charges and kills the last Plague Marines, and lends synapse to the top left quarter and the gants there. Gants on my bottom left and Biovores shoot the Plaguebearers and kill a few, assaulting to kill the rest. Ymgarls and a Flyrant converge on his bikers. I kill his last biker and am drawn in combat with the Lord, who challenged the Flyrant.

Turn 7 Chaos: His lords the last model left, but kills my Tyrant... I have one ymgarl left in base.

Turn 7 Nids: Lone ymgarl dies, but the game is over... I have a KP lead after killing all but one model, and am winning objectives 4-0. Victory to the hive!

Post game: My opponent had some really bad luck in this game. An example is 8 assault cannon hits only doing one wound to a rounded flyrant, which I saved. There were other examples too. I think I can beat this list anyways, but the Dice Gods were smiling on me that day, which must be noted. His Lord however went ful Beast Mode, killing three MCs and making an insane amount of Invulns. The Black Mace is nasty!

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  1. It was a tough game and I had lots of annoying distractions making it very difficult to focus on the game. There were over 50 MTG players in the store - very hot in there on top of everything else. People were constantly right behind me bumping into me most of the game. Then there was the person in a gator suit that ran up right beside me making a big commotion right at a pivotal point in the game that broke my concentration.... Grrrrr !! So rude.

    The Doom bounced a lot of instant death shots and melee attacks over the course of several turns. Had it been destroyed my Oblits could have been a game changer versus the Flyrants.

    There was nothing you did to make the game unfun but I've got to say I was heavily disadvantaged throughout most of the game due to all the distraction. Honestly I think I can beat your army with my list (without all those annoying distractions).

    I don't mean to take away from your win... It is what it was. Overall my dice were just crap for the most part which didn't help.

    What could have and should have been a fun competitive game turned into a nightmare due to many distractions and heat.

    I'm up for a rematch. The gauntlet is down.