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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

RTT 08/03 Nids 2250 vs TauDar

Last weekend, I went to a mid-sized RTT at my Local gaming store. The event was 2250 points, FW allowed, and double FOC. There are a couple of pics, but its all from a video overview that the TO put together of the event, so they're pretty sporadic and there aren't many. Here's my list for the event:

Flyrant, Devourers,
Flyrant, Devourers, HC
Flyrant, Devourers
Tervigon, Tox/Adrenal, 3 powers (Warlord)
Tervigon, Tox/Adrenal, 3 powers
Tervigon, Tox/Adrenal, 3 powers
10 gants
10 gants
5 Ymgarls
5 Ymgarls
3 Zoeys in a Pod
Doom in a Pod
3 Biovores

Round 1 I faced a SW/DA list and come away with a solid victory, not too many issues. Next though, I'm facing a TauDar army that just played through a very good Necron army, so I have some concerns.

Command suit: CnC node (ignores cover if he doesnt shoot?) Iridium armor, Puretide chip, two Fusions,        interceptor (attached to Ion Riptide)
12 Fire Warriors
12 Fire Warriors
6 Fire Warriors
5 Pathfinders
5 Pathfinders
3 Broadsides with HYMP and Interceptor, and 6 Missile Drones
LongStrike Hammerhead with submunitions
Riptide with Ion Accelerator, Fusion Gun, Interceptor
Riptide with Burst Cannon, Fusion Gun, Interceptor

Farseer (Guide, Prescience, Forewarning)
10 guardians
 -Wave Serpent with extra Shuricannon
5 Wraithguard
 -Wave Serpent with extra Shuricannon
Fire Prism (tank with Solid shot or Blast option?)

The Mission: A unique mission, it works as following:

Primary: Whoever has the most Battle Points wins
1. One objective each (Emperor's will). Yours is worth 2 points to you, your opponents is worth 10 to you.
2. One Battle point per Kill Point (Troops count as 2)
Bonus points: Linebreaker, "Last Blood" (like First Blood, except its the last)
Special Rules: Warp Storm: Turn 5, -1 to Psychic checks. Turn 6, -2, Turn 7, -3 (It had no impact on the game)

My Psychic Powers:

Flyrant 1: Enfeeble, Warp Speed
Flyrant 2: Enfeeble, Iron Arm
Flyrant 3: Warp Speed, Enfeeble
Tervigon 1 (Warlord): Iron Arm, Enffeble, Smite
Tervigon 2: Iron Am, Endurance, Life leech
Tervigon 3: Smite, Life, Leech Iron Arm
Zoanthrope 1: Psychic Shriek, Terrify
Zoanthrope 2: Psychic Shriek, Mental Fortitude
Zoanthrope 3: Psychic Shriek, Puppet Master
Doom: Psychic Shriek

Hammer and Anvil:

The board: (Assuming my DZ is to the left) Ruin to the bottom and center, and left and middle of my DZ. Area terrain way back of my DZ. In his, two large Area terrain pieces in the middle of his DZ (front and back). There's a large Soup-can building in the middle.

Night fight is on, and I have turn 1. This was risky as its objective based, but Im nervous and want to get off the ground, so I'm going after him!

Deployment Nids: All Flyrants go up front, trying to hide behind cover but spaced out for blasts. Warlord and troops are hiding WAY in the back on my objective, Biovores too. Troop Tervigons touching area terrain but a little bit forward.

Deployment Taudar: 12 Fire Warriors and Farseer are in the front area terrain, Pathfinders behind them, Wraithguard Serpent above them. Both Riptides and commander are bottom right. All his vehicles are towards the top, with Broadsides in the middle and 12 Fire warriors in back on the objective.

The below pics show our relative deployment, kinda. Again, these are swiped from a video, so are poor quality for actual Batreps, sorry.

Turn 1 Nids: No seizing, so I get right into it! All three Flyrants hurtle forward. I usually advise against this, but I'm trying something new here... we'll see how it works. My troops 'Gons run up as well, hugging cover. Flyrant shooting from all three manages to wipe out the two Pathfinder units and kill two Firewarriors with Biovores. 

Turn 1 Taudar: His Ion Riptide shoots downfield and kills two Biovores. He then focuses fire and manages to kill one Flyrant, and wound the others. I had a nice stretch of grounding checks before failing my last two. Too late for him to kill more than one though! 

Turn 2 Tyranids: HERE COMES THE PAIN TRAIN! CHOO CHOO! Sorry, but I've been waiting for this moment to test out all my reserves against a Tau list... Zoeys land directly in front of Broadsides. Interceptor is poor and wounds one Zoey. Doom lands by two Riptides. I position Spod to block LOS, commander can't shoot him. The Doom himself gets really close to the IonTide, so he can't place a Template. Interceptor from both Riptides fusion guns fails to kill him. One Ymgarl squad leaps up from where the pathfinders were, right next to the Farseers unit. Other jumps up by his far back objective and the 12 Firewarriors there. Both Flyrants land, and my Tervigons get a bit closer...

The Doom then sucks up 3 Riptide wounds and Psychic Shriek is denied. Zoeys try to Psychic Shriek the Broadsides, but I perils one, he denies one  and passes the last. Ugh... Flyrant shooting kills a few Firewarriors and takes the BurstCannon Riptide down to one wound left. Biovore kills two Missile drones.

In assault, one Flyrant hits and kills the wounded Riptide. The other assaults the Firewarriors and is killed by Broadside overwatch! I rolled megabad for saves here. So, the Ymgarls by the firewarriors decide to hit the Broadsides instead! I sweep them for no casualties. The last Ymgarls kill the other 12 man squad on his objective and bunker down, no losses. 

Tau turn 2: His 5 Wraithguard disembark but fail to wound my grounded Flyrant after failing guide and rolling poorly. His Riptide and firewarriors take him down to one wound, with Wave serpent help. All his tanks shoot, and Infantry all disembark, and he guns down 9/10 Ymgarls. Ouch! 

Turn 3 Nids: Doom advances, as do Tervigons. I spawn one unit with the bottom troop and assault and kill that waveserpent. Biovore fire kills a bunch of guardians. Zoanthropes assault the 6 Firewarriors that disembarked. Tervigon shooting kills the last two firewarriors with the Farseer. (His only troops now are 2 Guardians cowering and firewarriors locked with the Zoeys). Flyrant shoots his Riptide I think and completely whiffs.
Turn 3 Taudar: Wraithguard instant kill the Doom, his tanks shoot and wound my closest Tervigon a few times and are pretty ineffective otherwise, I might lose a SPod and a few gants. His Guardians hop into their waveserpent.

Turn 4 Tyranids: My other troops Tervigon spawns and the gants overwhelm his Devilfish, then advance. The other Tervigon and its gants assault and kill 4/5 Wraithguard. 

Turn 4 TauDar: His farseer joins the Commander/Riptide, and run away. Shooting kills the Flyrant and wounds my not in CC Tervigon. In CC, I finish him off and consolidate. 

Turn 5 Tyranids: My bottom Tervigon and gants assault his Riptide/Commander/Seer. I kill the Seer with failed LoS and wound his Riptide, he does no wounds. He falls back, and my gants roll a 1 to sweeping advance! Argh! That would have ended it... On the other side, Tervigon advances and he spawns gants that join the Zoey combat and wipe out his Firewarriors. 

Turn 5 Tau: His last Serpent, Prism and Hammerhead are backing into a corner, blazing away at the Tervigon incoming. A smattering of wounds but not much. His Riptide/Commander consolidate and sit on the objective contesting it, and brings that Tervigon down to 1 wound! Yikes!

Turn 6 Nids: Gant wave kills the Wave serpent, Tervigon keeps advancing there. His Guardians pile out. The other Tervigon assaults his Riptide... its risky, but if he shoots me again I will die. He wounds me once... and I pass Feel no Pain! I then win combat and sweep his Riptide and Commander. 

Turn 6: He has 2 guardians and two tanks left. Guardians run for objective but dont make it, tanks do nothing. 

Turn 7 Nids: Biovores kill the Guardians, on Tervigon assaults and kills the Fire Prism, gant wave eats the Hammerhead. 

Final: Victory Tyranids! I tabled him, won on Kill points, and held both objectives... go me! 

Recap: Sweet Hive Mind, I killed half his army in one turn and the other half still shot like beasts! I'm just lucky I finished off those damned Pathfinders... Yikes. Final result aside, that was a tough game and he did a ton of damage. On the other hand, that was a tough mission. Hammer and Anvil, Kill Points/Emperors Will vs Tau? Geez! 

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