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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hobby Update: Tyranids and Iron Warriors

Hello all! I have a bit of a hobby update. Mostly painting, a bit of modeling, and for both Nids and my Chaos. Sadly no games in the last two or three weeks with my bugs, but I should get 1-2 in this weekend. Well, here we go!

First up, I took apart the Doom of Malan'tai and he is now just a normal Zoanthrope. Sorry, but I decided the third Zoey was needed. 

Next, a Flyrant! This guy used to be a Tervigon, and I brought her to BeakyCon 1 before the new model came out. I decided to strip some of the more spawny parts off and used the already magnetized arms to slap some Devourers on, plus wings of course! I already have two Dakkarants, but with Apocalypse up (or 2FOC) I might use this guy eventually. 

A Mawloc! I tried Trygons, and really didn't like them as much as I did in 5th. So I changed this guys tail, added some spines, and repainted him in my current color scheme. He lacks the massive jaws, but is still pretty clearly a Mawloc. Again, may or may not see long term use, but I figured I might as well try him out in some fun games. 

And with my old Doom turned into a Zoey, I just had to make a new one! This guy is a Flyrant tail, Carnifex head, Mawloc headplate, and Genestealer arms. He's pretty much the same size. I'm out of Green Stuff, but want to smooth out some parts before I paint, so he's grey for now. 

Ok, that is enough bugs for today! Next up are some Iron Warriors. We have here 10 Havocs, with 4 Lascannons. Very fun and cool looking! And of course, no heads... Geeze I'm lazy. One of these days, I'll make a bitz order online...

I also scrapped my old base color scheme. The army is now being themed more towards Isstvaan V so I wanted a dark grey base instead of brown. The new one is on the right. Do you think it looks better with the Iron Warriors? There is a bit less contrast sadly. 

 Below is one of the Lascannoneers, I think they came our pretty good, considering my skill level.

Another guy, he counts as a bolter, but is the vox/scanner dude.

Finally, two new objectives. A dead Raven Guard, and a Word Bearer hoisting his newly colored banner! There is the slight issue that they hadn't attacked the Ultramarines yet, but I like having their symbol hanging from a chain.

That's it for now folks! Thanks for checking it out, I hope to have some new Batreps up soon! 

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