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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

6/22 2250 Tyranids vs Chaos Allies and BBF

Hello everyone! Got a Battle Report today. But I just posted one earlier today? Thats two in one day folks! The occasion is, one year of Knighthammer40k! Seriously, when the frak did that happen? Either way, I've racked up some good times doing this blog, a huge thank you to everyone who reads these things. I'd love to think there are Tyranid players out there who can take any kind of insight from reading these. Anyways... on to the report! 

This game is 2250 points... pretty large huh? I know! However, this is a practice game for BeakyCon3! I'm always a competitive player at heart, and so I'm always looking forwards to the next GT I can go to, in the hopes I can net a trophy for the Hive Mind and prove their place in the meta. Naturally when practicing for a GT, I decided to challenge the TO himself! Here's my game against the Black Blow Fly, a fellow gamer, blogger, and a writer on BOLS. I'd highly recommend both his blog, Terminus Est, and BeakyCon. 

My list: 

Flyrant: Devourers, HC (Warlord trait: -1 to reserves)
Flyrant: Devourers, OA
10 gants
10 gants
17 gants
Tervigon, 3 powers, Toxin/Adrenal
Tervigon, 3 powers, Toxin/Adrenal
Tervigon, 3 powers, Toxin/Adrenal
3 Hive Guard
5 Ymgarls
5 Ymgarls
Doom in a SPod
3 Zoeys in a SPod
3 Biovores

My opponents list: 

Nurgle Biker lord with Black Mace
Nurgle Sorcerer on Palanquin 
6 Death Guard, dual Melta, Combi melta, power axe
6 Death Guard, flamer Melta, Combi melta, power axe
6 Death Guard, Flamer/Melta, power axe

GUO (Large Red Daemon Prince)
6 Plague Drones (proxied by Crushers)
Daemon Prince of Nurgle with 3+ (Red DPrince)
16 Plaguebearers
16 Plaguebearers

Psychic Powers (and rewards)

Sorcerer - Plague Wind, Iron Arm, Endurance
Great Unclean One - 3+ armor, +1 W, Iron Arm, Endurance, Life Leech
Daemon Prince - Bale Sword, Armorbane & Fleshbane, Iron Arm, Endurance, Life Leech

Flyrant 1: Iron Arm, Endurance
Flyrant 2: Enfeeble, Smite
Tervigon 1: Iron Arm, Warp Speed, Life leech
Tervigon 2: Iron Arm, Smite, Enfeeble
Tervigon 3: Warp Speed, Iron Arm, Enfeeble
Doom: Psychic Shriek
Zoanthrope 1: Puppet Master, Psychic Shriek
Zoanthrope 2: Psychic Shriek, Dominate
Zoanthrope 3: Psychic Shriek, Terrify

The mission: We used Beaky Con sample mission 4. Basically, it was Hammer and Anvil, with two primary missions: Table quarters, and three objectives. The objectives were pre placed equidistant down the middle of the board. One in center, and one each 18" away down the long way. Turn 6 is automatic, and Night Fight is active turn 1. No first blood.

Below you can see the board. On the left is my opponents DZ, and you can see his objective as the red dot. The other two are in the center ruin, and between two ruins in my DZ. 

My opponent has turn 1, and deploys thusly: The crushers on the left are the Plague Drones, and the red winged prince is the Nurgle Prince. You can see his 3 rhinos around the objective, and the biker lord hiding behind. Note that we put the Palanquin Sorcerer in a Rhino a few times... this is illegal, but neither of us noticed this. I don't think it is really a big deal though for game impact. 

Deployment Nids: Wow, overexposed picture... but, you can kinda see my Tervigons in the center holding down the fort. Flyrants chilling behind, some gants and Hive Guard up front. 

But wait theres more! Biovores hiding in a ruin, cause why not? 

Turn 1 Chaos: He flies his prince up into the ruin, and holds still. Thats it folks.

Turn 1 Nids: I move one Flyrant up, the other just moves 12 to stay close. The one flyrant shoots the Daemon Prince and wounds him twice. 

Turn 2 Chaos: Big papa nurgle comes in on my right flank... and mishaps. My decision where he goes! I could throw him in one of my opponents corners, but he'd be able to get back to his objective by turn 6 and could mess with whatever i had contesting it there. Much better to put him closer to him where I can keep an eye on him!

The plaguebearers that come in also mishap, but back into reserves (my opponent had terrible luck for this turn). Finally, he throws his wounded prince straight into my blob of gants. He kills quite a few and I fail to wound him. 


Tyranid turn 2: Zerg rush! a spawned gant squad plus backfield holders (10 and 13) right into big papa! i wound a few times, I lose a few. 

I somehow failed to get a picture, or at least a good one, but I zerg rushed the prince too with 21 more gants. On the downside, the bastard survived! He made 8 of 9 3+ armor saves! Well he had to bounce back from those scatters I guess. One Tervigon spawns out this turn.

Meanwhile, other side of the board... Flyrants swoop and wreck one rhino, then shoot occupents. (who havent yet been placed in the below pic. The Zoeys the Psychic Shriek the squad. Then the Doom zaps them and the Drones. Somehow, 3 live! So, 5 Ymgarls assault. I lose one and kill two, he is fearless.

Turn 3 Chaos: Plague drones run and assault the Doom and Ymgarls, I challenge champ we dont kill eachother. The Ymgarls whipe out the plague marines but are killed by the drones.  6 Plagues jump out of one rhino and try to ground a Tyrant but fail. Two surviving rhinos back track. Nurgle Lord assaults the Zoeys and does a single wound. 

One plaguebearer squad DS in to the left of his army (you can see them in right of pic above, or below)

Tyranid turn 3: The Doom goes absolute Apeshit and kills FOUR plaguedrones with his leech! The squad had taken a few random wounds, then 7 from Doom after failing the check by 10! In CC the doom kills the champion with his new strength 10. One Flyrant flys up and unloads on a rhino, somehow failing to kill it. The other drops down, and with 5 new Ymgarls, assaults the Plaguemarines and whipe them out. Biovores scatter wildly off the new Plaguebearers.

Chaos turn 4: His last Plague unit DS in by the ruins, here you can them below. He unloads his last plague marine squad to shoot three meltas at the Doom and inta-gibs him. Sorceror hides in the middle of a blob of Zombies. Bike lord kills a Zoey. 

Tyranid turn 4: One Flyrant drops and shoots/assaults the last plaguemarine squad, wiping them. The other flyrant kills a rhino, Hive Guard are finally in range and kill the other. Ymgarls assault the Nurgle lord, who I had enfeebled. Still, apparently this was quite a mistake. 15 strength 5 attacks led to only 6 hits, and 0 wounds on a 4+! The mace then rolled a 6 and he killed all the ymgarls.

 Oh, and you know how I haven't really mentioned those two MCs Ive had locked up? They have both been going beast mode, killing gants and not failing 3+ saves. What a pain! But this turn I got sick of it and send a fresh unit into each combat, killing both. (he doesnt survive the below pic)

Flyrants consolidation move after the slaughter. 

Chaos turn 5: Plaguebearer squad moves to get in objective range. Other squad moves up, assaults the Zoeys and finishes them except for a lone wounded model. Damn it! I wanted to shoot them... 

Tyranids turn 5: I hold tight on my objective, my flyrant goes and contests his, and I advance the last spawnable Tervigon and gants in case I need to contest the center. 

Turn 6 Chaos: His three units left mobile attack a gant shield Id thrown up, and rip them down. Uh oh!

Turn 6 Nids: I advance to contest, then shoot all I can at the two lords (they had joined up and had Endurance) I thought I whiped them, as he failed three saves, with three left between the two, only to see three 5s on FnP! damn! Still, hive guard and Biovores nad dakka flyrants later I killed the Sorceror, but his warlord lived with one wound... 

Game ends! Tyranids hold one objective, Chaos hold 0. Tyranids hold 2 Table quarters, Chaos 1! Tyranids have linebreaker, Chaos no bonus points. Final result? VICTORY TO THE HIVE!

Post game: There were ups and downs, but my basic game plan worked. I held down his army and crippled it enough for my Tervigons to control one objective, and I easily contested the rest. I really love my chances in ground and pound games like this, as I can out last and out-attrition anyone. 

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