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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

6/15 RTT game 3 1850 Nids vs Necrons

Right, this is later than I was hoping, but here comes game three of the RTT I played this past Saturday. It was an 1850 event, so I brought my list from Crucible, because I'm pretty comfortable with it. We had a turnout of about 9 players I think. Orks, Nids, Taudar, DEldar, 2 Crons, 2 Space Wolves and Ravenwing if I recall correctly. Also, the pics were taken by the TO so some are more dramatic than helpful. Anyways, on to the Report! Here's my list:

Flyrant: Wings, Devs, OA
Flyrant: Wings, Devs, HC (Warlord Trait, reroll outflanks)
10 gants
10 gants
20 gants
Tervigon, Toxin, Adrenal, 3 powers
Tervigon, Toxin, Adrenal, 3 powers
Tervigon, Toxin, Adrenal, 3 powers
5 Ymgarls
5 Ymgarls
The DOOOOOOOM (and a SPod)
2 Biovores

Opponents list: He actually wasn't planning on playing, so this was a bit thrown together according to him;

Imhotek the douchebag
Destroyer Lord
6 Wraiths with coils
5 warriors
-Ghost Arc
5 Warriors
-Ghost Arc
5 Warriors
-Night Scythe
Doom Scythe
10 Immortals
2 Tomb Spyders
4 Scarab swarms

Warlord traits ineffective

Psychic Powers: Here's mine

Flyrant 1: Iron Arm, Endurance
Flyrant 2 (WL): Enfeeble, Endurance
Tervigon 1: Endurance, Enfeeble, Warp Speed
Tervigon 2: Endurance, Life Leech, Warp Speed
Tervigon 3: Endurance, Warp Speed, Life Leech
Doom of Malan'tai: Psychic Shriek

Mission: 3 objectives

Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

My opponent will have the first turn.

The Board: Same as round 1. (there were 4 boards, and my opponent and I had each played on two the other hadn't, so one of us had to play twice). Below is from round one but shows the board clearly enough. The short edge by the camera is my zone.

Note in the pic below that the red marks are objectives. I got to place 2, so I naturally placed both in terrain as far away as I could from my opponent! No point in playing this stupid, lists alone give me the upper hand.

Cron Deployment: You can see that theres a VERY large LoS blocker in the center of the table. My opponent has his Monolith and Wraiths/DLord behind that, and Imhotek in the Scythe in reserves. Two Ghost Arks go on my right of the big terrain piece. Immortals in the monolith. Spyders/Scarabs behind the Monolith

Deployment Nids: In the center, two tervigons. On the left, two Flyrants. On the right, one Tervigon and Biovores, plus gants all mixed around. 
My game plan: Hold two objectives, win the game.Win the game, win the RTT. Basically, my three Tervigons are squatting on home base while Flyrants try to take out his flyers. If my reserves and Flyers can just tie him up I should have this easily enough. 

Turn one Crons: He advances, Imhotek doesnt do much. Monolith blasts gants apart... his wraiths shift to the far right. 

Turn 1 Nids: Flyrants soar 24" and potshot a wraith down or something. Tervigons advance slightly. Biovores kill some Scarabs. 
Turn 2 Crons: Again wraiths shift away from my Flyrants. Very clever, he's staying out of Enfeeble range rather well. He advances slightly up my right flank. I remind my opponent cockily that he didnt use Imhotek. I even bragged that Imhotek had never really done anything to me. Yeah, yeah that was pretty stupid. Biovores get nailed, first Blood to him. One Tervigon loses two wounds. Another loses one wound. Tyrant loses a wound. 10 gants lose 4 models. Ugh! 

Turn 2 Tyranids: Flyrants swoop around. Doom lands and kills a Tomb spider and a few bases. One Flyrant finishes off the scarabs. The other opens up a Ghost Arc from behind. Only one Ymgarl brood comes in, and they assault the 5 warriors from that. I murder them in CC. 

Turn 3 Necrons: Both flyers are in. A variety of local shooting downs the Ymgarls. DLord and one Spider assault the DOOM, nothing happens there. Wraiths advance. Shhoting from his Planes wounds a Tervi or two. 

Turn 3 Nids: Tervigons shuffle, but these objectives are thoroughly mine! Flyrants go the far right, one blasts the Doom Scythe away, the other whiffs horribly and does one HP to a Ghost Arc. 5 Ymgarls that just came in have nothing to assault. Dooms power zaps the DLord and he then kills the Spider. Below see my grip on the objectives, and one Night Scythe in the top riding out to do battle!

Below, see that my Ymgarls suddenly had nothing worth charging and so ran back into cover.

Necrons turn 4: Wraiths about-face and attack the Doom. Of course, they'll be stuck there all game, as I do a few wounds and lose a few. Night Scythe goes far and blasts a few gants as everything else is out of angle of fire. Ymgarls are gunned down. 

Tyranids round 4: One flyrant goes off, the other shoots at the Ghost Arc and again whiffs. Tervigons hold still, Doom and Wraiths slap eachother with their 3+ invulns.

Necrons round 5: Immortals jump out and grab his objective. He wounds the Tyrant with shooting. 5 Warriors are then dropped in my DZ for linebreaker.

Tyranid round 5: Flyrant comes on, with Tervigon shooting support he whipes the Warriors out. Other Flyrant kills some Immortals, but they hold.

Final: Linebreaker and 2 objectives vs First Blood and one objective. Victory to the Hive!  

My opponent was a great guy but we both knew this would happen. To win, I had to sit on objectives, and he didnt have enough damage to come get me off them. I ended up winning the tournament as the only 3-0 player, while my opponent here got enough points to take second place. 

Honestly a bunch of good match ups for me this RTT. I was really hoping to play either the TauDar or the DEldar armies, but both lost a game before I could (to Ravenwing and the Necrons respectively). I do however have a very fun game coming up soon, so watch out for that! 

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