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Sunday, December 2, 2012

12/1 RTT Game 1: Tyranids vs Tyranids 2000

So, got up nice and early for a small RTT yesterday. Actually, there were only 6 people there... Either way, it was enough to run a small tournament. My first game came out against the one army I hadn't even considered playing... Tyranids! This is the first time I've played them in 6th edition.

My list:

Flyrant, Devourers Old Adversary
Flyrant, Devourers Hive Commander (Warlord: Trait useless)
2x5 Ymgarls
3 Hive Guard
Doom in a Pod
2x10 gants
2x Tervigons (Tox/Adrenal) with three powers
2x Trygons
My opponents list:

2x Primes with Scything Talons, pair of Boneswords (Warlord: +1 VP per character kill)
2x Tervigons with Toxin Sacks and Catalyst
2x25 Termagants
2x 25 Hormagaunts
2x Trygons
Doom in a Pod
2x Hive Guard
3x Zoanthropes in a pod

My Psychic Powers:

Flyrant 1: Smite, Enfeeble
Flyrant 2: Enfeeble, Life Leech
Tervigon 1: Iron Arm, Endurance, Warp Speed
Tervigon 2: Iron Arm, Life Leech, Smite
Doom: Psychic Shreik

My opponent declines to switch out his powers.

The Mission: Kill Points plus the secondary objectives. Deployment is Vanguard Strike (diagonal).

The Board: I have the bottom left corner from my Point of Vew. There's a large Chaos Ruin in my corner, and a small ruined temple in the center that he will have to come through with his hordes. Top and middle of the board are a pair of ruins, and another ruin bottom middle. Then, theres one large forest in his DZ.

Deployment Opponent: Tervigon in the center and left of his DZ. Hormagaunts with Primes attached to the left and right of his DZ. Hive Guard behind the central Tervi, and his two gant squads were in the back of his Deployment zone.

Deployment Me: I keep both Tervigons in the large Chaos ruin, with Hive Guard behind them and 10 gants next to each. Fyrants just chilling behind the ruins.

His turn 1: Top Tervigon advances generally. Hormagaunt hordes also advance, both recieve Catalyst. No shooting.

My turn 1: Psychic Powers go off. Flyrants go 24" to the top and bottom right of the board. Shooting kills a few Hormagaunts on the bottom right, and wounds the warlord Prime twice.

Opponents turn 2: He only gets his Zoeys in, they come in to the top of my Chaos Ruin, where they are in Shadow Range and kill a Hive Guard. Other stuff advances, little shooting.

My turn 2: Ymgarls come in next to the bottom Hormagaunts, and by the Top Tervigon. The Flyrants each shoot and wound a Tervigon. The bottom Hormagaunts are enfeebled, then assaulted. Both Ymgarls go +1 attacks. Tervigon goes down to 2 wounds, while the Prime is slain (first blood, Warlord) and many Hormagaunts are killed, with no FNP allowed. The Doom hits dead center of his DZ, zapping the 2 Hive Guard, and a few gants here and there. The two Trygons I put in the bottom middle, ready to charge the Hormagaunts and finish them next turn. Hive Guard kill two Zoanthropes, gants wound another, the Tervi assaults and kills the Spod.

Opponents turn 3: Reserves come in. Doom hits the Chaos Ruin, killing the Hive Guard, and also taking a Tervi down to one wound, and wounding the other 3 Times!!!! :O One Trygon comes in, and appears by the ymgarl Hormagaunt assault. His Termagants mass to assault my Doom with a Tervigon for poison, only for that Tervigon to die to the Doom (and high rolling). His Dooms Spod finishes my wounded Tervi. I also lose various gants there to doom. His Doom perils on Cataclysm and loses another wound for trying. his other 20 gants shoot with the Trygon and down,  and then assault the bottom right Flyrant. I win combat, and they fall back with the sudden absense of Synapse there. My Ymgarls up top wound the Tervigon there once and are down to one model. Other Ymgarls break the Hormagaunts, who escape into Doom range...

My turn 3: Trygons run around in my backfield, not doing much. Doom continues to suck up gants. My Tervigon flees the Doom and spawns, these guys kill the Zoanthrope. Flyrant jumps around, assaults and kills the Tervigon with the Ymgarls. I'm just trying to hold on to Kill Points, I have two 2 man squads of gants hiding right now.

Opponent turn 4: Not much happens. His gants and Termagants are falling back with no synapse, his only synapse is a Prime with Hormagaunts. These assault my last Tervigon, whom the last Trygon Deep Strikes next to. I challenge his Prime, he accepts. He doesnt hurt me and I whiff my Smashes.

My turn 4: Enfeeble and Iron Arm means his Prime can't hurt my Tervigon, I smash his Prime to paste. Trygon assaults and murders the Dooms Spod. Flyrants assault the gants in assault with Doom, I break them. The game ends here.

TYRANID VICTORY (well duh...)

At this point I was leading on Kill Points some 9-2 and had all three secondary objectives. (2 gant broods, a Hormagaunt Brood, 2 Tervigons, Hive Guard, 2 SPods, and the Zoeys) to (My Hive Guard, and one Tervigon)

I get full battle Points here for the Primary and all Secondary. A good start!

Thoughts on the game: My Opponents list seemed very 5th edition... he didn't switch powers, he ran Hormagaunts with no upgrades. Our lists were two sides of the same coin. That coin, though, was the flip between editions... Dropping Primes for Flyrants, and taking advantage of Psychic Powers proved to be the huge difference maker here.


  1. Very nice report - even w/o pictures I was able to get a good sense of the flow and your thought processes. Definitely a 5th edition list - but most I've seen like that include a flyrant with o/a to back up the gaunt swarms. I've been tinkering with dual-prime lists in 6th a bit, but haven't hit on anything I like yet.

  2. Ah, nice to see your broods in action. I think, this is the same tourney:

    Awaiting for more reports:)