Competitive 40k tactics and Battle Reports with the Tyranid Codex

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

12/1 RTT Game 2 Nids vs. CSM 2000

Hello all! As part of my last RTT, I managed my first game against the new Chaos Space Marines... Still, I feel like I am familiar with them, as I already have the book and my own (untested) army.

My list:
Flyrant 1 (Warlord, trait not relevant) with 2x Devourers and Hive Commander
Flyrant 2 with 2x Devourers and Old Adversary
2x5 Ymgarls
3 Hive Guard
Doom in a Pod
2x10 gants
2x Tervigons (Tox/Adrenal) with three powers
2x Trygons

My opponents list:

Chaos Lord Biker with Black Mace (Warlord: Trait useless)
6 Terminators, assorted Power weapons/axes/fists
34 Zombies
35 Zombies
Squad of Nurgle Bikers, 6-7 with 2 Meltas.
5 Havocs with 4 lascannons
5 Havocs with 4 Autocannons

IG command squad on foot, 3 plasma guns, a pistol.
10 IG grunts
Aegis Line with Autocannon

My Psychic Powers:

Flyrant 1: Endurance, Smite
Flyrant 2: Iron Arm, Smite
Tervigon 1: Enfeeble, Endurance, Smite
Tervigon 2: Iron Arm, Life Leech, Endurance
Doom: Puppet Master

The Mission: Hammer and Anvil Deployment, the Relic, no Night Fight.

The Board: I had the short table edge to my right, by the POV I will be describing the battle. The two long table edge are top/bottom, with Top being farther away of the two. The Relic is in the center, there are two large ruin/buildings above and below the Relic. Two more Ruins are to the top and bottom left and there's assorted walls/trees to the right... not too relevant.

Deployment Tyranids: I have turn 1. I place both Tervigons right up front, for the first turn objective grab. Hive Guard are chilling behind the bottom ruin, gants are hiding behind the Tervigons, and the Flyrants are starting each in terrain.

Deployment Chaos: Both Zombie squads are right up front, as are the Plasma CCS. Typhus and buds are in between the two Zombie squads, right up front but closer to the bottom. Havocs are each in a ruin, the Aegis is empty except for the Medusa. The IG squad is behind the Zombies. Bikers to the top.

Turn 1 Nids: I spawn, one doubles out. I get 5 and 14 gants. The 5 gants grab the objective and the 8 gants try to wrap them, but a poor run roll means I'm short. Psychic Powers, and stuff goes off. Both Flyrants advance and targer the CCS, wiping them out for First Blood.

Chaos turn 1: Zombies advance. Havocs and Medusa take three wounds off one Tervi and 2 off the other. Terminators shoot and kill the 5 gants on the Relic. The Medusa blast killed a few of the 14 man squad. The Zombies get a 10 on their charge range and one blob hits the gants, only a few are in strikingrane ad I win combat. Crap. I rally wouldn't have minded an extra turn there before they got in assault, but he rolled high on distance.

Tyranid turn 2: Doom drops in, as do Trygons and Ymgarls. The Doom and a Trygon hit dead center of his lines, wounding Typhus twice, and killing some Vets/zombies. The other Trygon goes after the Auto Havocs but scatters wayback. Ymagarls disembark one each from two bordering ruins, and I slam the Zombie squad with them. +1 A for both, and I spawn more gants to go assault, doubling out.. The Zombies lose a bunch but are still around. Doom tries to puppet master the Medusa but misses... it would have been brutal if I'd rolled a 3 to hit, Typhus and co. were bunched up... The two Flyrants detroy the Medusa, and kill the Sarge and 2 lascannon havocs.

Turn 2 Chaos: Bikers are moving up the top flank, and assault and kill 10 gants I'd been using as a screen.  Zombies advance and assault one of the Ymgarl broods, who had been seperated from combat due to mass casualties there. I go +1 toughness, kill a few and lose a model. Typhus and Terminators assault the Doom and a Trygon. In assault, I fail to hurt Typhus with the Doom (in a challenge) while the Trygon kills the Terminators, bar one with power axe who whiffs. Vendetta comes in, wounds a Tervigon.

Turn 3 Nids: One Flyrant downs the Vendetta, the other kills the last LasHavocs. The Dooms Spirit Leech kills Typhus and the Terminator, and because they are now freed up the Doom assaults the Zombie blob that is with the lone Ymgarl brood. Both Trygons fail the roll to assault the AutoHavocs. The Nurgle Bikers are enfeebled. shooting then kills 2. A Tervigon with Iron Arm assaults in, and in a challenge faces the Chaos Lord with Black Mace. He can't hurt me, I Smash and instant kill him. He falls back. The other Tervigon joins in the assault with the Zombie blob and Ymgarls, they finally finish the Zombies and consolidate onto the objective.

Turn 3 Chaos: Bikers run off the board, Zombies cant finish the Ymgarls, the Doom is sucking, and AutoHavocs bounce off the Tervigon.

Due to Time, the game is over! I call the TO over, and despite 3 units sitting on it, I do not claim the relic... Here's how that works. I have to pick it up in a movement phase, and there were Zombies in base with it during my last movement phase. Although I had been in base with it for several phases during the big assault, his Zombies were also there for a few turn so no one picked it up... I do, however have all three secondary objectives and may have had a tabling by turn 4, he had 5 havocs and some locked Zombies left, no more. I wouldve just assaulted those with a Trygon and thrown everything else into the Zombies.

FINAL: TYRANID VICTORY! (3-0) First Blood, Linebreaker, warlord.


  1. Very nice! I keep expecting Doom to live up to the 1-turn life expectancy. As ever, thanks for posting.

  2. Typhus did wound the Doom, but Shadows stopped his Force weapon, and he went back up to full power the next turn.

  3. "A Tervigon faces the Chaos Lord with Black Mace. He can't hurt me, I Smash and instant kill him."

    It's so... cute:) A great game! A very good example of how new psychic powers shoud work!

    1. Actually, this was a mistake by us. We realised later that the Black Mace has Fleshbanee. Still, he didn't ignore my save so it'd be highly unlikely for him to have killed the Tervigon. A few wounds wouldn't have mattered at all.