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Friday, November 30, 2012

RTT 12/1 2000 points Tyranids

Hello all! I'll be going to an RTT tomorrow, and I'll be again trying out my new take on Nids. I don't expect this to be a very large RTT, but that's no reason not to give it my best shot! Here's the list I'll be bringing... This is my recent 1850 list, plus three Hive Guard. It is dual Forge Org, but the original list had 2 HQ and 4 troops, just adding a 4th Elite choice...

Flyrant, Devourers Old Adversary
Flyrant, Devourers Hive Commander (Warlord:  )
2x5 Ymgarls
3 Hive Guard
Doom in a Pod
2x10 gants
2x Tervigons (Tox/Adrenal) with three powers
2x Trygons
The Hive Guard are just a convenient points filler, plus quite useful. Having a little more shooting will discourage tanks from coming closer, which will leave them vulnerable to my reserves turn 2+. Again, my basic design plan here is a tough core that can hold objectives and shoot (Troops plus Hive Guard) and will drop a mean, mean hammer turn 2. The Doom, 2 Ymgarls, 2 Trygons, and 2 Flyrants zooming up hurts stuff, plus by turn 2, sometimes 3, the Hive Guard are in range for more fun. My army is very tough, with 38 Toughness 6 wounds, plus the extra bodies my Tervigons always supply, and the "get in your face" nature of it highly encourages my opponent to kill all my units the turn they come in, or suffer brutal consequences. The Doom can suck up tons of firepower occassionally, and will spare my Trygons the attention they deserve, while Flyrants make unattractive Targets unless you commit to killing them... hard to do with so much in your face. Reports incoming, of course! I admit, the list looks great against Gunlines, but could suffer against Crons or potentially classic GK lists. Daemons, I'm not sure how I'd fare...


  1. Looks solid thematically; very curious to see how the small ymgarl broods work out. Best of luck!

  2. Great game today - I had a blast playing our game bro !!