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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

RTT 12/15 1250 Nids vs. AirCronz

Hello all! With the conclusion of Christmas, I finally have time to get cranking on these Batreps... here's the first of three from the RTT I attended on 12/15. My list...

Flyrant, Devourers, OA, HC
HQ Tervigon with 3 powers, Toxin adrenal
10 gants
Troops Tervigon, 3 powers, Tox Adrenal Crushing Claws
5 Ymgarls
Doom in a Pod
2 Biovores
2 Zoanthropes

A note on my list above, it is actually 15 points over the limit... something I didn't notice, and wrote down wrong on my list, so no opponent noticed. Obviously I feel awful about this, and have already posted my mistake to the stores forum, but I will write the reports anyways. If I were to re do my list I'd drop the Crushing Claws and add a few gants. I never really needed the Claws, but it's still probable that my mistake affected my games in some way.

My Opponent's list:

5 Warriors
Cryptek of rerolling stuff.
10 Immortals
Warriors in a Night Scythe
3 Doom Scythes

Imperial Bastion with Lascannon

Warlord traits: His never had an effect, mine allowed a re roll of Outflanks

Psychic Powers:

Hive Tyrant: Enfeeble, Life Leech
HQ Tervigon: Life Leech, Warp Speed, Smite
Troops Tervigon: Enfeeble, Endurance, Life Leech
Zoanthrope 1: Iron Arm, Warp Speed
Zoanthrope 2: Iron Arm, Warp Speed
Doom in a Pod: Life Leech

The Mission: Objectives (4) and Dawn of War deployment.

The Board: From my long edge, my opponents Bastion was centered exactly and far, far back. There was area terrain to my left and close, as well as a short wall to the right of that, and there was a large forest in the middle, but far up and in front of his bastion, and there was another forest to the left of that, far up. There are scattered forests on the whole right side.

Th Objectives: There are two on my side, both in terrain. One to the left in the area terrain, the other behind the short wall. The other two are right next to the bastion in the middle, and to the left of that, 6" from his edge in the open ground.

Initiative: I have second turn.

Pre game thoughts: Well I have to play the mission, so let's go get objectives. The lack of Iron Arm on quality bugs is infuriating at the least. If I can hold my two, then the reserves should be able to claim or contest a couple of his objectives.

Deployment Crons: 5 warriors with Tek and Imho are holed up in the bastion. Everything else is in reserve.

Deployment Tyranids: The troops Tervigon, Doom and Ymgarls go into reserve. Biovores hide behind the wall, as does the HQ Tervigon by that objective. Flyrant to the far right. Termagants and Zoanthropes go to the far left in/behind that objective and the area terrain there.

Turn 1 Necrons: Imhoteks lightning kills a few gants and wounds the Tervigon, and the Lascannon whiffs.

Turn 1 Nids: I advance, pot shots do absolutely nothing.

Turn 2 Necrons: 3 Doom Scythes come in. Firepower! Firepower everywhere! The HQ Tervigon dies shockingly, after some subpar saves. Drat!

Turn 2 Nids: The Doom comes in, right next to the bastion. (The spore is in contest range... yay!) but he does nothing. Spod kills a warrior up top. Note that we decided that models on the top of the bastion were subject to Spirit Leech, as the Bastion says units there could be shot normally. They get cover though. The Flyrant Strikes and Shoots a Scythe, but after Jinks it's only two glances. The Troops Tervigon comes in on the left by that objective, and behind the Scythes. Zoanthropes just try to stay alive for Synapse and cast Iron Arm. Note that Ymgarls failed reserves.

Turn 3 Necrons: 2 Doom Sythes go off, the Night Scythe comes on. I lose the Spore Pod, a wound on the flyrant and a few gants from shooting. The Immortals stay off again... The Doom zaps 4 warriors in the Bastion

Turn 3 Nids: The Flyrant kills the Doom Scythe. He is closing in on the Bastion. The Tervigon gets the magic number of gants- 15 no doubles and gives itself Endurance. The gants swarm the open objective, and the Tervigon runs into some woods. Ymgarls roll a 1 for reserves again, which means I can respond to his Immortals that come in auto next turn. Other than that I'm bunkering down.

Turn 4 Crons: His Immortals come in the short edge, and he brings them in on the far right, away from objectives... a huge mistake I think. His Night Scythe flies off, two DoomScythes come in, and I lose three wounds on the Tervigon, plust the Icarus wounds my Flyrant again.

Turn 4 Nids: The Ymgarls just run up the bastion for extra contesting fun. Flyrant can only get to the undamaged DoomScythe, which loses a Hull Point or two as the Flyrant flies next to the Bastion. The Tervigon regains a wound, spawns 10+ more gants onto the back objective and hauls it back towards my lines, staying just in area terrain.

Turn 5 CronAir: He kills the Biovore with the Night Scythe and the two Dooms fail to finish off my Tervigon, I have two wounds left.

Turn 5 Bugs: I spawn onto the objective by the wall in my back, and the Flyrant glides out and downs the Night Scythe (Warriors back in reserve).

The Game ends! I hold three objectives, and the Doom contests the last one. Victory to the Hive!

Post Game: Objectives. Anyone who reads my Batreps with any regularity know how they work, and that it's the only sure way to take down a Cron Force. This was a good game, but my opponent made a few mistakes, and I don't think he focused his fire enough. He also lacked bodies, and made this worse by keeping his Immortals far away and by staying in his bastion (Then again, with that much on the ground I wouldn't have gotten out either.) And I didn't mention it, but I'm pretty sure he had first blood. Only 5 total dead units at the end of this. (2 each, plus warriors in reserve, so I won Kill Points!) I also had linebreaker.


  1. An interesting Necron concept. Reserve list with Bastion. Nevertheless they had not enough firepower to blow tyranids off the objectives!

    But what do you think about Bastion with reserve nids? Viable?

  2. I don't think we have the ranged firepower to make a Bastion useful, as they're best for sheltering units. Also, our inability to fire weapons makes them less useful.