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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rules Questions of the day

Here we have a few rules questions of the modern 40k meta... these pop up all the time, in between FAQs. You've heard of some, I'm sure. but some are new to me. At least one probably has an easy answer.
Shamelessly stolen from Dakka's YMDC:
"Necrons over here are very tough to beat in this mission (the relic). A unit grabs the relic, jumps into a night scythe, which automatically crashes, sending the unit into reserve. This doesn't trigger any of the conditions for the unit to drop the relic, so it would seem that it goes into reserve with them.

Can anyone come up with a solid rules argument that prevents this, or is just another little boost for the tin men?"
Wowie!  Check this one out. Here, I would say that the Relic is placed in the wreckage (but does not scatter). I believe that is part of the wording for having the Relic in a vehicle. Still, it's a weird one!

Next! Can wounds be allocated to models out of range? This came up at BeakyCon. The BRB says that you can't shoot units out of LOS or out of range, but only says you can't allocate to models out of LOS. The Beaky judges decided that there was no rule saying you can't allocate to models out of range, and therefore you can. (In game: My dakkatyrant was in range and LOS of one Ork boy, but ended up killing several that were 19-20" away.

And here's another! Yet another on the DoomScythe... How are cover saves determined? I assumed it was an only-area terrain thing, but then looked it over later and saw no RAW reason it's not a pure LoS issue.

Another: The Psychic Shreik psychic power, is a witchfire attack. Therefore, it must be rolled to hit. But say a character, (the Doom of Malantai) is using it and hits with a 6. Precision shot! Now, as this could potentially cause multiple wounds, are ALL now allocate by the Nid player? (It's effect is a 3d6 leadership check, a wound for every point failed by, no armor or cover saves.) You can see how many wounds this causes against a low LD army. A 6 to hit could easily kill the special and heavy weapon carrier, and then put a few more on the Sarge for him to Look out Sir. Quite nice.

Terrify strips Fearless from a unit and makes them take a test... so, how far would a FMC fall back if swooping...? (All FMCs are fearless base, for the record)

The Forewarning Divination power gives a 4++ save to a unit. Initially, I thought this wouldn't stack with, say, a Nemesis force Sword on a Strike Squad Knight. (I saw the 4++ as a set Stat, that by BRB rules would be applied aftr a + or - modifier.) Then, I realized, how does Mark of Tzeentch fit? By that reasoning, MoT wouldn't help if a model has a set Inv save, which is perposterous. So, it's uncertain, but I'd say that Forewarning is great with NFS.

Last, I want to (again) complain at the lack of Force Spears... I have a Librarian with one! There are Power Spears! Why no Force Spears? The BRB says to look at what the weapon looks like... The power weapons rule clearly shows a Spear doesn't fit any other category, so where does my Force Spear armed Libby fit in? I could really call it as any I suppose,but I want a spear...

I may think of more rules questions, or you might. Chime in eitehr way! Plus, some of these probably have answers (like the Doom Scythe one, which I expect does.)

EDIT: One last question, does Enfeeble (or other stat modifying powers) stack? The BRB says the effects of different powers are cumulative, however some people believe that the same power twice is not different. I personally disagree, as it is a seperate power being used by a seperate psycher, but there is no real clear cut answer... the problem here is what is implied by the word "different".



  1. There are no restrictions on taking relic into reserve, as "relic stays with the model".

    There are no restrictions on allocation wounds to models out of range too.

    Cover from DoomScythe is taken as normal as I can see.

    Good point on allocating psychic shreek precision shots! You are right by the RAW! Great thing)

    By the RAW, FMC in swooping mode do not count as jump infantry so they fall back only 2d6:)

    I see no problem with stacking of Forewarning and NFS by the RAW.

    Play tyranids and forget about those spears:)

  2. Mark of Tzneetch worked exactly the same way last edition.

    1. True, but re reading the Chaos Codex is what got me thinking, and changed my stance on the Forewarning + NF combo.

  3. Enfeeble stacks, but cannot bring a unit to 0 str.

    1. Yep, blessings and maledictions stack.

    2. I'd agree, but have had it ruled otherwise by TOs.

    3. In Belarus it's how it is played at tourneys) As far as I know in Russia too:)

      Nevertheless, every TO has his own RAI:)