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Monday, August 27, 2012

I've been assembling

Well, since writing my last 2k list, which I think I'll be staying with, I've bought a lot of the models I need... This weekend I picked up a Tyranid battleforce (It was partially assembled, and irresistably cheap...) and a Tervigon. Since the 32 varied gaunts were already assembled, I had to break off all of their arms to be replaced with Fleshborers. Let me tell you, that's a chore. Every single model had stubs from the old arms lefts in the sockets, so when I attached the new arms sunday they looked pretty bad. This morning though, I spent my entire stock of Green Stuff smoothing over gaps and making the arms look unbroken. Yikes. I still have a few guys whos opposite arms wouldnt reach the gun, so I'll have to either attach somes caws so it doesnt look wierd, or connect them with wires... not sure yet. Otherwise, I assembled my third and final Tervigon, and I converted the three warriors from the force into a pair of Biovores and the Tyrant Guard. The Bios have warrior torsos, and converted Genestealer legs and lower bodys, I think it looks pretty good. I glued the barrels of Barbed stranglers on their backs and added pipes from various bioweapons, and some green stuff. Overall, they are size wise very close to a Biovore, just a little slimmer looking. Definately worth it, considering I got the whole Battleforce for less than one finecast Biovore!

I now have the full list assembled that I plan to use for BeakyCon 2012, however I plan on buying even more gnats, as I dont have too many gants left. After the 49 that will be used in my list (the GT is 1999, not 2k, so I dropped one) I only have 23 gants left to account for the spawning of 3 Tervigons. I'll have to buy at least two more 12 man boxes, maybe even three. Since BeakyCon is a fully painted tournament, I have a LOT of work to do!

Here's what I have painted:

1x Tervigon
20 gants
6 Hive Guard
2 Zoanthropes

What I still need to paint:

2 Tervigons
2 Biovores
1 Tyrant Guard
52 gants

What I need to buy, assemble, AND paint:

~24 gants. maybe even more...

Yikes. The big day is October  6 (and 7th), I have a feeling I'm going to be painting gants right up until the last minute... I should get a Tervigon done this week, then I'll have to spray 32 gants and the Biovores, plus the last Tervigon. It's pretty daunting, but it'll be worth it to bring that many painted models to the table!