Competitive 40k tactics and Battle Reports with the Tyranid Codex

Friday, August 3, 2012

RTT tomorrow!

Tomorrow I'll be rocking my Nids at an RTT at my other FLGS. Although I dont expect to have quite the same success as last time, we'll see what I can do. The rtt will be 2000 points (or 1999 to be exact) Personally, I'd rather have it be 2000 with no doubles chart, as I almost always try to "max out" my points by buying everything in multiples of 5, but sadly I'll have to break away from that. The below has a total of 1998 points:

Swarmlord +1 guard
Flyrant 2x Devourers
2x3 Hive Guard
6x Ymgarls
2x20 Hormagaunts with Toxin/Adrenal
2x10 Gants
Tervigon (3 psy powers, Toxin/Adrenal, Crushing Claws)
Tervigon (3 psy powers, Toxin, Crushing Claws)
This is an "untested" list, and I may or may not switch out the Swarmlord for an Armored Shell Tyrant at the last minute, but we'll see how it works! I'm trying out the swarmlord a lot now, to see if he's worth the 15 extra points over a Dakka/armoredshell/OldAdversary walking Tyrant.


  1. I look forward to reading the reports! Interested to see how the Flyrant Kite tactic works as well as how the blocks or Hormagaunts have improved.

    How are you going to respond to claims that "hard to hit" on the flyrant doesn't transfer to the unit?

    1. I won't be using the Flyrant kite. i was never really sure it would work, as it's a special rule that doesnt say it transferes to the unit, unlike say fearless.

      As to Hormagaunts, so far they've been working as an assault deterrent and have drawn massive fire. 20 wounds each in cover is tough to kil! So far, I've only played against shooty armies in 6th, but hopefully I'll get a chance to try them out against Knights or Wolves. The idea of combining them with Enfeeble makes me want to leap for joy!

  2. Good luck. I'm very interested to hear your thoughts on an armored Tyrant versus Swarmy. I'm sure you'll do well bro.