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Sunday, August 5, 2012

8/4 RTT game 1 2k vs. Tau/Daemons

I made the drive up for my second Tournament of 6th with my Tyranids, ready to try out a few new things. Here's my list:

Dakka Flyrant
Swarmlord + 1 guard
2x3 Hive Guard
6x Ymgarls
2x20 Hormagaunts with Toxin and Adrenal Glands
2x10 Termagants
2x Tervigons (3 psychic powers, Crushing Claws and Poison. One also had Adrenal Glands.)

I drew up my first game against a familiar opponent of mine, who normally plays Space Wolves, but today brought out an Unholy alliance of Daemons and Tau.

His list was (roughly) as follows:

Commander with two body guards (3 missile pods, 2 plasma, 1 fusion. Commander had Iridium armor? A 2+ save, whatever gave it.)
2 groups of Firewarriors. I think 12 each plus two drones.
20 kroot
3 Broadsides with 2 drones
Hammerhead with Railgun
3 Stealth suits with a fusion gun and 2 burst cannons

5x Bloodletters
Bloodthirster with upgrades
Tzeentch Prince with bolt/breath/boon (The killer Bs)

Mission: Vanguard (the diagonal) and the Relic

Warlord Traits: He is -1 to my reserve, I re roll my outflanks, which the Swarmlord does anyways, AND I dont have any outflankers. Yay.

My psychic powers:

Swarmlord: Shockwave, Gate of Infinity, Objuration Mechanicum, and Warp Speed
Flying Tyrant: Warp Speed, Haemorrhage
Tervigon 1: Crush, shockwave, Enfeeble
Tervigon 2: Objuration Mechanicum, Enfeeble, Endurance

He had first turn, and deployed so that his Broadsides were in a tall ruin, and so that there was a sizable ruin between me and the Relic. Everything else formed a firing line with the warriors in front.

I basically deployed both tervigons within 12" of the Relic, and Hormagants on the flanks. Swarmlord on the middle, along the Hive Guard, who were out of LoS from the ruins. Apparently Flyrants can't start on the board in swoop mode. Bummer. He and the Ymgarls are in reserve. Ymgarls were in a crater that both Firewarriors were nearby, and where the Hammerhead was near.

Pre Game thoughts: I can jump on the relic and haul it back to my lines, while the ruin will slow me down it blocks LoS so I just need a few gants holding on to it behind there. Other than that, castle up and kill anything that gets close.

He infiltrates his stealth suits on the side, and his kroot 6" from the objective!

Tau alliance 1: His kroot move 6" up, grabbing the relic. His bloodletters, the wrong wave, scatter 11" and mishap back into reserves. Shooting clips two wounds off of a Tervigon, and then kills a few gants here and there. His stealth suits kill a few gants. Kroot fire only kills a handful of Hormagants.

Tyranids turn 1: Crap! I didn't expect him to grab the Relic so early. I should have seen that coming. Either way, I spawn out a 11 gants, but double out, from my right side Tervigon. Moving and deploying sees them touch the relic, outside of 1" of his kroot. I then open fire, fleshborers killing the nearest few, thereby he drops the Relic as he's no longer touching it. It can only be picked up at the end of ones movement phase though, so I dont have it. My hormagaunts are both out of range to charge, but are wary of a Daemon deep strike and are ready to kill any FMCs that come near. Objuration Mechanicum manages to stun the Hammerhead. Hive Guard do nothing to the Hammerhead, and kill 4 Fire Warriors in the front squad. I decide to do "shockwave" on the Swarmlord and kill a few Kroot. They're down to 13 models but pass morale.

Tau turn 2: The Kroot grab the objective again, and rapid fire into the gants in front of them, blowing a handful away. Fire Warrior shots blow more Hormagaunts away in my right side squad. Broadsides knock two more wounds off the Tervigon. The crisis suits fail to wound the same Tervigon. The Tzeentch Prince and Bloodletters land near the Right Side Hormagaunts, bolt and breath kill a few. (Note that I pass every Boon of Chaos test this game. Woo!) Even more fire warrior shots wound the Swarmy once, and kill some of my left Hormagaunts.

Tyranid turn 2: I somehow fail all my reserve rolls despit the Swarmlords +1 to the roll. Crap. Hormagaunts on the right destroy the bloodletters for no losses. A Tervigon enfeebles the Prince and fleshborers focus on him, knocking him down to two wounds from the two gant squads there, but he stays up, and out of a Hormagaunt charge. 3 Gants on my left assault the stealth suits and kill one, and Hormagaunts on my left assault the kroot. I kill a few and loose combat after charging through cover, but I hold, and cut them down to 9 models ish. Hive Guard kill the Hammerhead.

Tau turn 3: An angry Bloodthirster plops down far to my right. He kills a Hormagaunt with some one shot gun thing. More shooting kills a few more of them. The Swarmlord gets shot but is mostly intact. Broadsides finish off the Tervigon on my right, and the Tzeentch prince kills a few more gaunts. In assault, he kills the rest of my Hormagaunts but loses four more kroot, so now he has 5 models holding the relic with my entire army in front of him. He breaks the gants with the Stealh suits and conolidates towards my deploymkent zone. I leave them be the rest of the game, as he's going for Linebreaker, and the Secondary points don't help to determine who wins over all, it's purely based on who gets the Relic.

Tyranids turn 3: The Flyrant comes in off my board edge and blasts the prince down to one wound. Two small gant squads and a few shots from Hive Guard leave him ungrounded after 4 passed tests. Ymgarls come in the crater, and multi charge both Fire Warrior squads. The Swarmlord Objuration Mechanicums one squad, which denies the witch, and the Tervi gets the other, who fails to deny. No overwatch wounds succeed as the Swarmy assaults with the Ymgarls and completely toasts the two squads. I had set up the Tervigon to charge the kroot but completely forgot until I started rolling for the Ymgarls... dang. The other Hormagaunts again have no charges after all FMCs stay up...

Tau turn 4: The Tzeentch prince flies 24" and crosses my whole army, flaming and bolting and Booning the Swarmlord. Between that, the Broadsides, and the Crisis team, the Swarmlords guard dies and he is downed to a single wound... He really has no troops other than the 5 kroot left. He also forgets to move them before shooting, which balances out my mistake last turn. The Thirster flies towards my last Tervigon and stays up.

Tyranids turn 4: The Swarmlord charges the Crisis team and Commander and kills them all. Both fliers are finally downed, and the tzeentch prince is drowned by the gants I spawn from the Tervigon. The Tervigon and Ymgarls charge and slaughter the kroot. The Bloodthirster is charged by Hive Guard and Hormagaunts, he loses two wounds.

Tau turn 5: His Broadsides kill the Swarmlord, and his Bloodthirster kills a few gaunts and is reduced to one wound. Stealth suits get Linebreaker.

Tyranids turn 5: The gaunts grab linebreaker, anjd the combination of Ymgarls, more Hive Guard, and the Flyrant charge the Bloodthirster. He challenges, and my tyrant accepts, and promptly smacks the 'Thirster down.

At this point, we're out of time and he has absolutely nothing he can do in the next turn to win. His surviving units are three Broadsides and two stealth suits hiding in my DZ. I have a Tervigon, 6 Hive Guard, 5 Hormagaunts and 6 Ymgarls, as well as a Flyrant, all clustered around the Relic, with 10ish gants in his deployment zone.


I get full points for Linebreaker, killing the warlord, and First Blood, plus 10 for the Primary, so 13 points so far on the day. He has Kill the Warlord. Through a combination of several draws, only three people won round 1, one of whom was the tourny ringer, so I know who my opponent will be.

Coming next...

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