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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Post-ATC review

To wrap up July, I'll be finishing my coverage of the ATC. If you read my Battle Report of game 6, you know that I ended the tournament with 148 points, enough to land me 13th place and best Tyranids, something I am quite proud of! My team, Orlando Hereticus Beta, finished with 452 points, which landed us with 18th place total. Out of 34 teams, this means that we were just 6 points away from breaking the top half. Not bad, but I certainly feel we can do better next year. Our battle brothers, OH Alpha, finished with a very respectable 520 points, enough to give them 7th place overall, which also made them the top team out of Florida. Awesome job guys! Between both OH teams we actually landed 3 players in the top 20! The Imperial Knight/Necron player from my team ended up taking 9th place, while Alpha's Imperial Knight player took 19th. Alpha played some of the top teams there, and had a very difficult road altogether, so they certainly have a lot to be proud of. My team, Beta, ended up playing the teams that were ranked 3rd, 11, 17, 19, 22 and 29. 

For OH Beta, this was our first time at the event for all of our members, and the first time to a non-Florida GT for all of us as well. To be honest, we weren't prepared for the ATC format. Not everyone can just win the thing their first year! I think that we all brought good lists that were almost all TAC, but I don't think we bought into the Counter system nearly as much as we should have. We also were lacking a single army that we could always throw down, all the time, and not worry about a tough matchup. This meant that every round, at least one or two of our players ended up in a game where they were being "sacrificed" for the Greater Good of the team because no one else could really handle the list they played against. As a Captain, that was a painful realization because we frankly weren't ready for the ATC, but I am confident that next year we can do much better. I was also unprepared for the massive amount of Wave Serpents at the table. All of our players bought hard into the anti armor, and we had Meltas and haywire up to out ears, but none of us had a good answer to Wraithknights or Wave Serpents, due to their freakish cover saves and ignoring Pens on a 2+. In hindsight that should have been an obvious weakness, because Eldar are one of the best armies in the game. I will say that we fortunately were prepared for the large number of Knights floating around, but overall I feel that we will be much better prepared for next year. You can bet that Orlando Hereticus will be back and ready for action! 


  1. Very respectable for someone still in high school. I'm sure you'll go on to higher plateaus.

  2. ATC is really really tough. You see all the best players across the country and they lots and lots of experience. So this year you learned a lot.

  3. Great Job guys. If your looking for anti-armor, Blob guard with orders + lascannons are a great answer to Wraithknights and Wave Serpents. Its good to see the FL guys getting out of the state and into some national tourneys.

  4. Against the Waveserpents what about hive guard? They ignore cover saves and have a decent S8. They could stick around in your bastion but besides that, I dont see them fitting in your list.

  5. Great results. Been following your blog for a while now. Enjoy the bat reps

    Would you be interested in throwing out a competitive list without fortifications or allies. My local groups don't use much of either and I would love to get your opinion on it.