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Thursday, July 17, 2014

ATC Game 2: Tyranids vs Eldar

Alright, here comes Game 2 from the ATC! Game 1, which I put up two days ago, featured a major Tyranid victory over an alliance of Imperial Knight and Astra Militarum. Round 2 saw us matched up against the team "General Staff". For matchups, I was one of the last two players left on my team (along with our Knight/Cron player) when our opponents put down a quite Nasty Eldar list. Both of knew we would fare very poorly against it, and both of us knew we would do quite well against the last list our opponent had, a Daemon build. After  minute of discussion, I decided to fall on the sword for the team. This list was perhaps my worst matchup possible, but I was hoping that I could at least steal a few points and I knew my team mate would have a very favorable matchup now. Indeed, my team mate ended up getting 30 points in his game! But now, on to my own battle:
Eldar army list: Alexis
5 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent
5 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent
5 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent
5 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent
5 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent
My list, in case you forgot, was:
Flying Hive Tyrant, Devourers, ElectroGrubs 
 Flying Hive Tyrant, Devourers, ElectroGrubs 
 25 gants 
 3 Rippers, Deep Strike 
 3 Rippers, Deep Strike 
 3 Rippers, Deep Strike 
 3 Shrikes, Barbed Strangler, Rending Claws 
 Hive Crone 
 Hive Crone 
 3 Biovores 

 Imperial Bastion, 3 Barricades, Void Shield 

 Imperial Knight Errant 
Psychic Powers: 
Flyrant 1: Catalyst, Paroxysm
Flyrant 2: Onslaught, Warp Lance
Zoanthrope: Psychic Scream
Deployment TyranKnights:
There were plenty of walls that could be hidden behind, which I made sure I did turn 1. My Knight took the far right to be able to advance up field as needed. 
Deployment Eldar:
My opponent put all of her Serpents in a row, with cover from the walls, and Wraithknights on the ends of the line.
Turn 1 Tyranids:
 To be honest, I really hate going first. I really do. But when Serpents ignore cover, I knew I'd potentially be losing two FMCs turn 1, and I really wanted a chance to take first blood. So, I chose to go first. Basically, all 4 of my FMCs ran full speed at her Wave Serpent line, and I used Onslaught to make sure all 4 of my gribblies could focus on a single skimmer. Sadly, after all of that, I inflicted a single Hull Point on the front Wave Serpent... terrible. Between Haywire Missiles, the Knight, and my Devourers, I put 7 Hull points on the sucker, but she jinked almost all of them away with a 3++.
Turn 1 Eldar:
 Her 5 Wave Serpents opened fire, and managed to knock down a Crone for First blood. Her 3 Wraithknights then took a Hull Point off of my Knight.
Kill Point Counter: Eldar: 1 Tyranids: 0
Turn 2 Tyranids:
 I maneuver both of my Flyrants to catch her wounded Serpent, and bring it down with Haywire. The Squad inside is pinned but suffers no casualties. I also deep strike some Rippers behind a wall out of Line of Sight. I then shoot my Knight and actually blow up a second Wave Serpent to my delight.

Kill Point Counter: Eldar: 1 Tyranids: 2
Turn 2 Eldar:
My opponent backs up her gunline and keeps blasting away. I get lucky this time and take no casualties, just a wound on a Crone and Flyrant. I also lose another Hull Point on my Knight.

Turn 3 Tyranids:
 I fly a Crone of the table, and Vector Strike to no effect. My 2 Flyrants continue to shoot up the Serpents, taking one down to a single Hull point left as she makes all of her Jink saves from Devourers. My Knights shots are all saved as well. One unit of Rippers lands on my Emperor's Will.
Turn 3 Eldar:
 A single Wraithknight fires at my Knight, and takes off all 4 Hull points with one shot, despite my save. Boom! Wow, that really hurt me bad. To make matters worse, one of my Hive Tyrants goes down to her 3 Wave Serpents as I fail all of my Feel no Pain rolls.

 Kill Point Counter: Eldar: 3 Tyranids: 2
Turn 4 Tyranids:
 My Crone comes on the table, and his Vector Strike does nothing. My Warlord stays in the air and targets her Wave Serpent with a single Hull Point, only for her to again make all of her saves. One Ripper brood pulls around the wall as the final brood lands behind it, but I fail a 4" charge on her Dire Avengers. I also move my gants up to try and assault her Wraithknight, and again fail a short charge.
Turn 4 Eldar:
She jumps her Wraithknight on my left around and kills a single Shrike but fails the charge, while her 3 Serpents deal various wounds to my Flyers while killing neither. Finally she does some wounds to a Ripper brood.
Turn 5 Tyranids:
One Ripper brood assaults and kills a Dire Avenger squad that had been depleted, but I roll a 1 to consolidate and cant make it onto the other side of a wall. My Warlord lands and manages to finish off a third Wave Serpent. I am trying to kill a second Dire Avenger squad but come up empty as one survive my Crones flamer and a single Devourer shooting at the squad. My gant brood finally manages to assault her left most wraithknight and ties it up for the game.
Kill Point Counter: Eldar: 3 Tyranids: 4
Turn 5 Eldar:
 One Wraithknight makes a long charge and assaults my Biovores to contest a Crusade objective, and a the Wave Serpents combine to kill my last Flyrant and Warlord. Finally, two Dire Avenger squads gun down and assault to finish my Rippers on her objective. Her last Wave Serpent shoots at the Rippers on my Crusade but fail to kill them as one is out of Line of sight.
Kill Point Counter: Eldar: 5 Tyranids: 4
Due to time, the game ends here!
Final result: Eldar win Crusade 2-1, Eldar win Purge the Alien 5-4, Tyranids and Eldar tie Emperor's Will. Eldar claim First Blood and Slay the Warlord, Tyranids take Linebreaker.
Eldar Major Victory 24-6!

 Post-game review: Yikes! That game went about as poorly as I had feared. Initially I was able to hold my own, but turn 3 the Dice completely abandoned me when my Knight was one shotted. Before that, I was able to deter her Wraithknights from advancing towards the middle, but when he died her Knights advanced and were able to contest one of my objectives. Also, failing to kill that last Dire Avenger hurt me badly, my Biovores were missing all over this game. One more note, this game got very tense between my opponent at a few points. This was mostly my fault, because after a few turn I started rushing to make sure we got 5 in. I don't particularly like losing, and at the end of the game I got very tense as I tried to figure out how to salvage points. This is something I realize I could improve, to make sure the game goes a little smoother at the end. Either way, my team ended up losing this round as well, by a score of 76-82. Very very close! Up next, I face off against team "Make it Rain" and the longtime nemesis of Tyranids, the Dark Eldar...

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