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Saturday, July 26, 2014

ATC Game 6: TyranKnights vs Grey Knights/Guard

At long last, here we go! Game 6 of the ATC is here. Unfortunately, I have no pictures for this game. I would've sworn I took a decent number, but somehow they are all gone now. I'll blame the Squats on this one! Fortunately my game notes have survived and are not lost, so let's get into it!

For the last round, Orlando Hereticus Beta is matched up against "K-town Riot", a team from (I believe) Knoxville, so quite local! I end up in a Captain smack down, against my opponent Brad and his Grey Knights army, with allied Astra Militarum. Here we go!

Deployment is Dawn of War

Brad's Imperium army list:

Vindicare Assassin
Grey Knight Techmarine, with tons of grenades and Servo Harness 
2 Plasmaguns, Psyker in Chimera
2 Plasmaguns, Psyker in Chimera
2 Plasmaguns, Psyker in Chimera
2 Plasmaguns, Psyker in Chimera
2 Plasmaguns, Psyker in Chimera
Psyfleman Dreadnaught

2 Punisher tanks (one was Pask)
Ministorum Priest
Platoon Command Squad (3 flamers 1 Heavy Flamer)
30 man Blob squad

My list: 

Flying Hive Tyrant, Devourers, ElectroGrubs
Flying Hive Tyrant, Devourers, ElectroGrubs
25 gants
3 Rippers, Deep Strike
3 Rippers, Deep Strike
3 Rippers, Deep Strike
3 Shrikes, Barbed Strangler, Rending Claws
Hive Crone
Hive Crone
3 Biovores

Imperial Bastion, 3 Barricades, Void Shield

Imperial Knight Errant

Psychic Powers:

Flyrant 1:Catalyst, Paroxysm
Flyrant 2: Onslaught, Psychic Scream
Zoanthrope: Psychic Scream

Warlord trait: Both of us got to choose if it was Night Fight and gained Night Attacker. So yeah, no night fight essentially.

Pre-game: This was a match up I chose because my opponent wasn't very heavy on anti-air weapons, so I was hoping to unleash havoc on him. My general plan is to use the Knight (he has absolutely nothing to stop him) to corral my opponent and dominate board control with the big purple robot, then my Flyers will smash vehicles and hopefully prevent him from getting to grips with me while I steal objectives.

Deployment Tyranids:
I win the roll off and take first deployment. I put my Imperial Knight on my far left flank, opposite of his Emperor's Will objective. Then, my Bastion and 4 Flyers go straight in the middle of the board. Yep, we know how that works by now!

Deployment Imperium:
My opponent puts his entire army on the far top right of the board from my perspective. He is far away from my Knight, but has completely abandoned his Emperor's Will Objective at this point. All 5 Chimeras and the Wyvern are behind ruins, but the Leman Russ are farther up the board. His blob (with all ICs attached) and Vendetta with PCS are in reserve.

Turn 1 Imperium:
I allow my opponent to go first. His Vindicare strips the Void shield and his Psyfleman puts a Hull point on the Bastion, while is Russ Squad opens up on my Warlord Flyrant, dealing 2 wounds. No first blood however!

Turn 1 Tyranids:
All 5 of my big boys run upfield as fast as they can. I perils on my Warlord, but am ungrounded. My Knight, both Crones and one Flyrant open up on Pasks squad, leaving Pask alone with one Hull Point left... I have my Warlord left, and he can either target the Vindicare (a good chance to kill) or Pask (on a 2+ I kill him.) Naturally I target Pask and roll a 1 for Haywire! First blood slips through my fingers... Dang!

Turn 2 Imperium:
Pask guns down my Flying Hive Tyrant for Warlord and First Blood. Blast it! Fortunately he does little else with shooting at my other flyers. However, his Vindicare shoots my Bastion and explodes it! The Venom dies of course. A Vendetta comes in but is ineffective against my FMCs in cover. His blob also comes in, surprisingly on my far left near his Emperor's Will Objective, and near my Knight...

Kill Point Counter: Imperium: 2 Tyranids: 0

Turn 2 TyranKnights:
My Flyrant at full health guns down his Wyvern, and a Crone kills Pask. My Rippers come in, one on my bottom right one on my bottom left. The second forces the Vendetta to jink but inflicts no damage. My Knight charges straight into the 30 man blob, and kills several, but the priest makes all of his Look Out Sir rolls, and so they remain fearless. I also lose two hull points to the Techmarines servo-harness... annoying.

Kill Point Counter: Imperium: 2 Tyranids: 2

Turn 3 Imperium:
Chimeras start firing on my FMCs, and again do little besides a wound on a Crone. His Dreadnaught takes down one Shrike. Then in Close Combat, my opponent casts Hammerhand and his Techmarine strips 4 Hull points with one hit! Hoooly Crap! The Knight stomps around, again failing to kill the priest, but then explodes. Fortunately, my opponent had the chance to consolidate into base contact, and so every single model took a strength D or strength 10 AP 1 hit! Woo! It gets worse when I manage to roll 8 1s to wound, and the Techmarine survives with a number of Guardsmen and Coteaz. At least that fearless priest died!

Kill Point Counter: Imperium: 3 Tyranids: 3

Turn 3 Tyranids:
 One Crone (with Biovore help) goes after the depleted Blob squad, killing the Techmarine, 3 guardsmen and Coteaz survive. That flamer is awesome! My Flyrant deletes a Chimera and puts a Hull point on a second with his Flamer, while my second Crone kills the squad that falls out of the Chimera. My final rippers come in on my right and scatter back into some ruins.

Kill Point Cointer: Imperium: 3 Tyranids: 6

Turn 4 Imperium:
Chimera fire takes my Flyrant down to one wound left, yet he lives! Several plasma gunners also overheat and kill themselves. His Vendetta has no arc to my Flyrant and clips a wound off my Crone on the right.

Turn 4 Tyranids:
 My Crone on the left lands and flames again, killing Coteaz in one hit and two of the guardsmen, leaving a single sergeant left. My Flyrant fails to kill a Chimera sadly. The Crone is similarly ineffective.

Kill Point Counter: Imperium: 3 Tyranids: 7

Turn 5 Imperium:
 My opponent lands his PCS and, with Chimera help, manages to completely wipe out the gant squad that had been edging to the left for an objective in my Deployment Zone. He also kills my Flyrant with his Dread and Vendetta. He also kills a single Ripper brood. Finally, he tank shocks a Chimera forward to contest my Emperor's Will Objective, and my Crone ends up with a single wound left... The Chimera had been previously damaged, however and has one Hull Point left...

Kill Point Counter: Imperium: 6 Tyranids: 7

Turn 5 TyranKnights:
My Crone on the left kills his last blob member and is on an objective, plus in Linebreaker range. My Crone vector strikes his Chimera, killing it, and leaves the table. I jump all over on objectives, and assault and kill the squad that came out of the Chimera I destroyed.

Kill point Counter: Imperium: 6 Tyranids: 10

We roll, and to my dismay, the game goes on!

Turn 6 Imperium:
Another Chimera gets in range to contest the Crusade objective in my DZ but can't reach my Emperor's Will. Due to Line of sight, he is unable to see many of my units and just kills a Biovore as I hide in the ruins. If there's a turn 7, I'll be in deep trouble!

Turn 6 Tyranids:
 My Crone comes in and flames the PCS, killing 4. Rippers make sure the Crusade objective is contested, and my Shrikes jump to get my Emperor's Will objective.

This time, the game ends!

Final score: Tyranids win Purge the Alien 10-6, Tyranids win Emperor's Will 2-0 and win Crusade 2-1. I also claim Linebreaker and Slay the Warlord, while my Opponent slew my Warlord and drew First Blood.

28-4 Major Tyranid Victory! 

Post-game: One the one hand, I am very happy with that victory! If the game had gone on I may have tied both Crusade and Emperor's Will. But, that didn't happen thankfully! Losing my Knight was painful, to a servo harness no less, but it happens. My opponent was very friendly, and I would gladly play him again. I think he played pretty well, but shouldn't have put his Blob so near my Knight. Even though he killed it, he took enough damage that I could finish off the unit with a single Crone, and that single unit was worth 4 Kill points, which helped me immensely. Still, it was a very close fought game even if I won by a large margin of points, and my opponent had me in cold sweat when that Knight went down! A great game. As for my team, we emerged victorious by a score of 80-68. Woo! K-town Riot as a whole was a very enjoyable opponent, and also held the top Necron player of the tournament! 

TyranKnights ATC reflection: On day 2 I had a total of 56 out of 60 possible points, which meant I won best Tyranids player for the event! This was my own personal goal going in, and suffice to say I was very pleased by this. My final score was 148, sufficient to tie for 11th place out of 170! After tiebreakers though, I ended up at 13th place. Still something I was very proud of! On the other hand, I'll admit I was frustrated not to get that 2+ on Haywire to kill Pask turn 1... those 2 extra points would have put me at 150, which I see as a very nice number, and top ten would've also been great! Alas, I must simply strive to do better next year, where I will most assuredly show up with my Tyranids again! In conclusion, here's a pic of my medal and my MVP for the tournament, my Imperial Knight! He may have died 3 times, but he also drew a ton of attention and killed his weight! He punched out a Riptide, another Knight, half a Beast star, tank squadrons and most of a blob. Not too shabby for a distraction unit! Overall I loved how he worked in the ATC format, as he turned my list into a very unexpected one and a curious match up issue for our opponents. 

I'll be posting a tournament recap for the team and some final closing thoughts soon, so stay posted! 


  1. Awesome game and a real well done on your win dude, you totally deserved it!
    it's so cool to see nids doing so well, I hear they are crushing it at the bao aswell!

    I can't Beleive the test preist??!

    Didn't see they coming haha!

  2. Congratulations for best Nid player and an overall well played tournament. It seems a bit embarassing for the tyranids, that the Knight is their MVP. ;-) Would you change your list somehow in retrospective?

    1. The Knight was the MVP because he allowed the Tyranids to do some damage. Between flyers and Knights people always shot the Knight! As for changes I'm pretty happy with the list given the time/funds I had to prepare. However I do have some nasty things planed out, using either the new IA4 or a second Knight...

  3. I thought Forgeworld was banned from most tournaments? Anyway I am looking forward to read the next battle reports or analysis from you.