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Sunday, October 20, 2013

BeakyCon Game 4 2250 vs Tyranids

*Disclaimer on Batreps! I played 5 games this weekend. It's entirely possible I forgot some details, but I'll do what I can to make it as accurate as possible. I may confuse if I blew up a chimera on turn 2 or 3, etc. If you were my opponent in any of these reports, please speak up and correct any errors I made. Also, opponents will be identified by first name only. If anyone would like even that removed, just let me know and it'll disappear.* 

Opponent: Dave


Flyrant, Devourers, LW/BS (Warlord)
Flyrant, Devourers, LW/BS (got Iron Arm)
Flyrant, Devourers, LW/BS (got Iron Arm)

17 devilgants in Pod
17 devilgants in Pod
Tervigon, Toxin/Adrenal and powers
Tervigon, Toxin Adrenal and powers

Doom in SPod
1 Hive Guard
1 Hive Guard
1 Hive Guard

1 Biovore 
1 Biovore
Trygon Prime

3 spore mines
3 spore mines
3 spore mines

My Powers:

Flyrant 1: Enfeeble, Smite
Flyrant 2: Endurance Iron Arm
Flyrant 3: Enfeeble, Warp Speed
Tervigon 1: Endurance, Life Leech, Warp Speed
Tervigon 2: Enfeeble, Iron Arm, Smite
Tervigon 3: Iron Arm, Life Leech, Warp Speed
Doom: Puppet Master
Zoey 1: Psychic Shriek, Dominate
Zoey 2: Psychic Shriek, Puppet Master
Zoey 3: Psychic Shriek, Puppet Master

The Mission: 

Deployment: Dawn of War

Primary 1: 3 objective markers, one in center one in each DZ (3 points each)
Primary 2: Assassination: All HQs killed are 3 points. Any that can move more than 6" (so bikers/FMCs) are worth 4. If the Warlord is killed in Close Combat, worth 6 points. 

 Bonus: Line breaker, Last Blood 

The Board: (objectives in Red)

Deployment Dave: (I make him take turn 1): Tervigons and one biovore hang out on his objective. (top of above pic) other biovore far right. He then puts three Tyrants/Hive Guard up front. 

Deployment John (Hint, this is me): One tervigon way far right, one way far left. Two Tyrants anchor center field, third on right, and I outflank a Tervi. 10 gants are just sitting on my home base and three biovores far right with other gants. Below is my right side, you can see my left in his turn 1.

Turn 1 Dave: Both Tervigons spawn and doubles out. Flyrants advance, with Night fighting shooting kills a few gants who stay put. 

Turn 1 John: All flyrants leave board, Tervigons retreat. 

Turn 2 Dave: One devilgant squad comes in and blasts my warlord far left for a few wounds. Sadly the Doom fails, so he'll be able to react to me now. Two Flyrants fly up, his Warlord is cautious and falls back (gliding). (Little does he know he's right next to my Ymgarls... muahaha) Trygon DS near my left Tervi but scatters back.

Turn 2 John: Doom and Zoeys come in near his Tervigons. All three Flyrants swoop in. (Two vector strike his Trygon) my warlord spawns gants in the bottom left.

His Trygon took four wounds by the way, two left. Then my Tervigon comes in one the top left. My Ymgarls roll Snake eyes to come in though! Aghh!!!! 10 Stealers could have easily killed his grounded Warlord for a massive boost! Rotten luck...The Doom goes crazy, kills a Hive Guard, gants, and takes 5 wounds off a Tervigon, and three off the Warlord! He then puppet masters the Warlord and shoots at the Tervigon! Who passes all four saves... sigh. Three Zoanthropes use Psychic Shriek to a complete lack of effect. Finally, gants charge his Trygon and deal one wound. Biovores target Devilgants and kill 7.

Turn 3 Dave: Other Devilgants come in, the two squads finish my warlord. Doom lands next to two Flyrants, they both are down to one wound!!! His two Flyrants go after my last full strength one, but only do one wound. Hive Guard inneffective. His Warlord flies behind his line (gliding AGAIN) and enfeebles/kills the Doom. Tervigon at full strength assaults my Zoeys, kills one. Trygon kills my gants.

Turn 3 John: Only one Ymgarl brood comes in... sigh, those 1s. They assault his Warlord, overwatch kills two though, then I whiff and get mulched. Ouch! My Two Tyrants with a wound decide it's time to fly and get out of there, blasting his Tyrants as I go. One is down to one wound. My right side Tervigon spawns gants in front of his two Flyrants and try to ground them, eventually one goes down but it takes a while... He then survives the assault! My opponent has been crazy hot on saves.

Turn 4 Dave: His Devilgants run towards my objective. Flyrant (1 wound) drops down, shoots and surprisingly kills my Biovores. Zoeys down to one left. Trygon moves around up towards my outflanked 'Gon. His flyrant in assault finally dies to poison.Warlord shoots down one Flyrant (he had to be grounded to stay in range) and the other gets killed by grounding checks after gant shooting. Embarrassing!

Turn 4 John: Tervigon and ten gants assault his grounded Flyrant. One wound left, easy right? He passes all saves... Crap! He then wounds my Tervigon, who has Iron arm up thank god. But, my Tervigon gets four rolls and fails to hit him once... Damn! My Tervigon spawns gants and charges his that's locked with my Zoeys. I do three wounds and take none. My gant squad that had killed the Flyrant runs up and contests his center objective, which is held by some spawned gants. I also have a few random gants (from the original 10 man?) who hover near my objective and shoot a few of his. I also fly my healthy Tyrant off the board. At least my Ymgarls come in and I only lose one to overwatch, killing his Warlord (In CC! woo!)

Turn 5 Dave: He puts the 4 devilgants from the first squad on my objective and runs the other into range. Passed both instinctive behaviors there. His Trygon assaults my Tervigon. I have 6 wounds, he has one... so survive and kill him right? 6 hits, and he rolls all 6 4+ to wound... Son of a gun! He had no rerolls because he had poison but I had Iron Arm, that's unbelievable! Of course those gants go poof... Then in CC, His Flyrant passes all poison saves again, right after he wounded my Tervigon once... who then rolled boxcars on the bonesword check! I'm shocked right now... Those gants explode too.

Turn 5 John: Last turn due to time... Flyrant comes in, Vector strikes the 4 gants. Only two hits, crap, but I can force Morale... unless I roll snake eyes. Of course. At least I manage to run over a solo gant and contest thit, but I can't claim it. Central gants run up and contest the central (he shot a few last turn). I have nothing else left besides the scattered gants... but I do shoot one devourer into the 4 gants and kill them for Last Blood. The game ends...

Primary one:
Mine: He has devilgants, a lone gant contests.
Central: We both have gant blobs in range.
His: he has a gant blob there... but I have the Zoeys Spore Pod! He forgot it contested somehow, even though he's a Nid player! I'm glad I at least tied up his backfield long enough to do that.

Primary Two:
He killed two flyrants (3+1)x2 and my Tervigon (3) for 11 total.
I killed a Flyrant (3+1) and his Warlord in CC (6+1)... for 11 total!


Now, tiebreakers... somehow, there were none listed, every other mission all weekend had them, but not here. We call the TO over, and between the three of us we decide Bonus points is the most fair tiebreaker. (Better than a dice roll!) We both have linebreaker, but I secured Last Blood...

Victory Tyranids (John) 13-12

Conclusion: What a clusterfrak! Nids vs Nids was incredibly difficult to even think about. I definietly had some luck go for and against me... The Doom cleaned up for one turn, but then died. My Ymgarls were horribly slow all game, but then clinched the primary tie turn 4. Him forgetting the Pod was huge, but so was his Trygons freakishly good rolling. Then all of his MCs made a huge amount of 3+ saves... At games end he had 4 MCs left with 5 wounds between them, that I could just never finish off! I think my deployment was poor for playing against Nids... I tried to be cute and refuse targets for a mass turn 2 reserve, but he had so many "forward" elements that I never could advance my Tervigons up and they were out of Position... (that's how to beat Nids with normal armies folks, its not just about the hard counters). A very wonky mission, but I'm glad I pulled it out... By the way, a word for Dave, he was my favorite opponent of the day. An incredibly friendly guy and great sport and player, I would love to play him again in the future.

Next round, vs Necrons. This is a rematch against Remy, the same player from final round of BeakyCon last year...

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