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Sunday, October 13, 2013

BeakyCon Game 3 2250 vs. Daemons

*Disclaimer on Batreps! I played 5 games this weekend. It's entirely possible I forgot some details, but I'll do what I can to make it as accurate as possible. I may confuse if I blew up a chimera on turn 2 or 3, etc. If you were my opponent in any of these reports, please speak up and correct any errors I made. Also, opponents will be identified by first name only. If anyone would like even that removed, just let me know and it'll disappear.* 

Opponent: Paul


Great Unclean One (Grimoire, Iron Arm)

10 Daemonettes
10 Daemonettes
10 Plagebearers
3 Nurglings

Soulgrinder (Large blast, Harvester gun)
Soulgrinder (Large blast, Harvester gun)
Daemon Prince of Nurgle, Wings, 3+, (Iron Arm, Balesword)
Daemon Prince of Nurgle, Wings, 3+, (Iron Arm, Balesword)
Daemon Prince of Nurgle, Wings, 3+, +1 wound from gifts (Endurance, Balesword)

My Powers:

Flyrant 1: Iron Arm, Warp Speed
Flyrant 2: Smite, Endurance
Flyrant 3: Endurance, Iron Arm
Tervigon 1: Enfeeble, Life Leech, Warp Speed
Tervigon 2: Endurance, Iron Arm, Life Leech
Tervigon 3: Iron Arm, Enfeeble, Smite
Doom: Psychic Shriek
Zoey 1: Psychic Shriek, Dominate
Zoey 2: Psychic Shriek, Terrify
Zoey 3: Psychic Shriek, Terrify

The Mission: 

Deployment: Table quarters! What a Classic. 

Primary 1: The Relic is worth 4 points.
Primary 2: Kill Points

Secondary: Destroy all scoring units and get +2 points

Bonus (Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker)

The Board:

For POV, I have the "bottom right" table quarter, my opponent has top left. This corresponds with the closer right side corner of the pic above as my zone. 

Initiative: Daemons have turn one. Night Fight inactive

Deployment Daemons: GUO is as far up as possible, Soulgrinders right behind. Daemonettes are farther back with some tall pipes in the way. 'Bearers and Nurglings in reserve. All 4 FMCs just hanging out in the back. 

Deployment Nids: (This actually is durning my opponets turn one, so you can see a bit of my opponents turn 1) Note the Relic in table center. 

Turn 1 Daemons: He flies Fateweaver 24" right in front of my army! I was a bit surprised here. He then used ignore cover from Divination and Flickering Flame to kill off my Biovores. Ouch! Nurgle Princes advance cautiously and Daemonettes do too, as well as GUO/Grinders to my left.

Daemons: 1 Nids: 0

Turn 1 Nids: Flyrants fly straight forward and try to shoot down a Prince (without IA) He has FnP, but I think I kill him... except my opponent had rolled +1 wound. D'oh! One wound left... I spawn two big gant squads in front of my clustered Tervigons and all around (one doubles out). No way is he charging them! I also enfeeble his closest Daemonettes and shoot a few down. Everything else pours into Fateweaver, who takes no wounds (grimoire) and passes all grounding checks! It ends up with 15 gants ready to assault but he never drops. Bummer! (In the pic below, I would run a few gants after to completely block off routes to the Tervis.)

Daemons: 1 Nids: 0

Turn 2 Daemons: His two Princes all Vector Strike one of the Flyrants and kill him. (Third goes off the board) (this was intentional. He could only get one, but now two Princes are on the side of the board near my Tervigons and can get swarmed down.) Fateweaver wiggles around but fails to shoot thanks to Shadows. GUO advances down the road with Grinders behind.

Daemons: 2 Nids: 0

Turn 2 Nids: 5 Stealers come in, and 3 Zoeys come in (I failed the Doom/5 Ymgarls on a 2+. Sigh) 2 Flyrant goes past his princes and fire at his 'Nettes. After that and the Zoeys, he's at 4 and 1 model left in each squad. Ymgarls assault and kill the 4 man squad for no losses. The other Flyrant goes after a Prince who failed Iron Arm and wounds him to one left. None are grounded though. At least I'm wrapped from his assault. He could shoot open the bubble wrap in one spot, but I've made sure the only Tervi there has Iron Arm up. I also grab the Relic with a spawned 16 man squad.

Daemons: 2 Nids: 1

Turn 3 Daemons: Fateweaver flies over my Tervigon/gant mess and shoots open the bubble wrap. Two Princes drop to try to assault the Tervigon. One makes it, (with Iron Arm) and we both do a few wounds. Soulgrinder assaults the 16 gants on the Relic and kills a few. GUO fails his charge. He moves the other Grinder towards my Flyrant but fails to Grimoire him! It then decides to assault the Ymgarls instead, killing all five after shooting. Nurglings come in off a far table edge and hide. Third prince flies up right in front of my gants. He rolls an 11 for Warpstorm, a psyker takes a 3d6 leadership roll, failure turns him into a Herald! I pass on a flyrant, thank the Hive Mind.

Daemons: 3 Nids: 1

Tyranids turn 3: Doom comes in next to two Princes and Fatey, does 9 wounds total but ALL are saved. Ugh! No matter. Tervigon in combat spawns some 12 gants and they jump the grounded Prince, do a wound and lock. Then, two ten man squads go after the one in CC. He doesn't survive 40 poisoned attacks, but takes the Tervi down to one wound left in the process. SPod kills last Daemonette on the board. Flyrant assaults the Grinder the got the Ymgarls and explodes it. Other Flyrant swoops behind the Prince that came in (it was at 3 wounds after IWND and Life Leech) and kills it with aid from gants shooting.

Daemons: 3 Nids: 5

Daemons turn 4: GUO assaults a small gant screening unit (6 left) and wastes them, he might have had Warp Speed up because thats a lot of attacks. Fateweaver is a pest and flies around with the Grimoire. Last prince and Grinder muck around with their respective gant squads. Plaguebearers try to drop in my bottom right corner on a building, but scatter into the open. Prince is down to one wound. Warpstorm is an 11 again! Thank god I pass the 3d6 Leadership check.

Daemons: 4 Nids: 5

Tyranids turn 4: A fresh wave of gants slams into the GUO, he's alive barely. Tervigons spread out, gants run away from the 1 wound left Tervi. Flyrants move around, but have no good shots. Doom advances at the Plaguebearers. Between Spirit Leech, Psychic Shriek and an Assault, he kills them all. In CC the Nurgle Prince goes down to all the poisoned gants. (We're playing fast for 5 turns now, so gants are just thrown around)

Daemons: 4 Nids: 7

Daemons turn 5: Fateweaver perils (he's done this a LOT and is down to one wound) and assaults the Tervigon with one wound, killing it. Soulgrinder kills the last 3 gants on the Relic and consolidates over it. I was hoping to pick it up with a Tervigon on my turn, but now I have to go straight for Kill points. In assault I finish the GUO off. The Warp Storm produces a new unit of Daemonettes... who scatter into his GUO and are delayed. This is last turn, so I'll get a KP for unit in reserve! :D

Daemons: 6 Nids: 9

Tyranids turn 5: A flyrant vector strikes the Nurglings, kills two and shoots the last killing it... until he uses Fateys reroll to pass the last save. No Kill Point for me there. But, I do assault poisoned gants into Fateweaver and kill him despite the 2++ reroll! He did only have one wound left. I completely forgot I had 5 Ymgarls left on turn 4 after I failed two reserve rolls. I bring them in, they do nothing.

Daemons: 6 Nids: 10

Game ends here. My opponent has 6 KPs, not Warlord. He has one Soulgrinder left (who I could have assaulted and maybe killed) and one nurgling left. He killed 6 units (Flyrant, Tervi, Biovores, Ymgarls, gants, gants). I have Linebreaker (Zoeys) and Warlord (Fateweaver)

Tyranid Victory 12-6! 

My opponent played a good game, but it was a bad match up for him, and Shadows in the Warp was huge. I was also lucky with the Warpstorm. A very nice win to make me 2-1!

The tournament at this point: At the end of day 1, there are four 3-0 players, twelve 2-1, twelve 1-2, and four 0-3. The tournament is now split into 8 brackets of four players each based on W-L-D record. Gold bracket is the four 3-0, Silver is the top four 2-1 players, bronze the next four, etc... I find myself the fourth ranked 2-1 player based on Battle Points, so I'm in the Silver bracket! I could still get a very respectable record, but there are tough times ahead!

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