Competitive 40k tactics and Battle Reports with the Tyranid Codex

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Space Marines and the future

Right, I'm back! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, life happens... this is a two part post. One, just a quick update on where I've been, and where I'll be. Then I'll wrap up with Space Marines! I guess the title gave it away huh?

Sadly it's that time of the year where I set down 40k and focus on my education. I like to take the first two months to whipe away Summer Lethargy and cement myself into habit of doing work. School is an unfortunate necessity that interferes with my gaming... For that reason, I won't be playing any games for three weeks... when I'll be at BeakyCon3! I've played a few BatReps testing various 2250 lists and finally settled on a final list. This should be good, I have very high hopes and expectations! Looking past that, there's the rumored "Nidvember" that could possibly turn everything I'm doing upside down. Right now, I have a Pre Heresy Iron Warriors army... kind of. The current Chaos Codex is honestly just "meh" and boring. I'm just lacking some motivation at the moment, and the looming new Nid book doesn't help, because there will probably be a new Mycetic Spore (I'll but two) and another new MC that I'll need three of to play competitively. So, I'm currently saving up my funds, and haven't bought anything new except for...

...the new Space Marines codex! I "accidentally" found myself a few minutes away from the FLGS and "accidentally" walked in. Then I walked out with a big pretty book. Boy, this things is a beauty. I honestly want to drop what I'm doing and build a Marines army. And quite frankly, this thing is LOADED with potential armies. The Chapter Tactics was an obvious new inclusion, but it completely changes the book without invalidating the old stuff, AND adds a "fluff" factor to competitive lists. I expect to see at least three distinct builds emerge from this book. Drop Pod lists: (UM, Sallys, Crimson Fists) Bikes: (WS) Gunline/Mech heavy (IF, IH, UM) Even the "balanced" lists (UM, RG) look potentially great. Tau might remain top dog, but the new Marines should shake up the standings quite a bit, no question. Sadly, this has inspired me to want Marines... There are three Chapters I am currently debating heavily...

First, Minotaurs: They get Forge World love, sweet models, and a BAMF character in Moloc. But, until FW FAQs them for how Combat tactics work, they are all a bit pricey. If they say "replace Combat tactics with Chapter Tactics" (which would then be replaced with PE Space Marines) this becomes so very tempting.

Next, Star Phantoms: They look sweet and are obscure, but have an interesting style of warfare. Strike fast and hard with overwhelming shooting. This could provide a fun list building potentially, with lots of Speeder, DPs, Devastators, Terminators, Scouts, Sternguard... very fun!

Lastly, I want an Ultramarine Successor. I just don't know which one! I like the Novamarines aesthetically, for their quartered scheme, and likewise the Howling Griffons. I also love the Heraldic chapter badge of the Praetors of Orpheus.

So, really not sure where to go here... I'll probably keep all Marine progress to "theoretical" until after Beaky and Nidvember. But, Christmas may have the screaming of Drop Pods!


  1. CSM is a great codex. My friends took 2nd and 3rd place this year at WarGamesCon. Nick Navanti has also won at least one GT with his army. They work best with a good ally such as daemons. I know it is not a simple copy & paste power gamer codex so that probably turns off a lot of 'competitive' gamers.

    1. I don't play them as a competitive army, that's what my Nids are for. I prefer to play them as a fluffy PH Iron Warriors force... which frankly the codex doesn't do well (It's not designed to of course, so I can't fault it for that). I think I'll be setting down the army until FW comes along with a HH book that includes the IW.

  2. The codex is not great from a competitive POV for IW but you can build a well themed army .