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Monday, May 13, 2013

40k Battleboard

Here is the link to a thread I read lately on Dakka. Basically, some one has created a board that looks very fancy and complicated, but tracks everyone who plays 40k.

 It's not a new idea but this may be the best attempt I've seen. So, can it work? I've decided to sign up. I'm skeptical on how effective it can be, but I would love for it to work. And if this is going to work, then it will need a LOT of community support. Forums, GTs, everything. And, if it works, it could really help the community. But, it needs people to be supportive AND HONEST. Every report I put on here is true. I win a lot of my games, but I've had a couple of righteous beatings handed down upon me. I've chronicled every game of 6th so far that I've played, and that's what every member must do to if this is to work. I don't know if they can, but please, please try! I have a feeling that if we can only get every GT organizer to agree, then this would be amazing (as honestly, thats what I'll be looking at, not Joe Taus 100-0 record at the FLGS).
So, any GTOs out there! Please take a look. If you know a GTO, show him! If we get behind this it just might be amazing.

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