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Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Tyranid Rumors

Ok, so I just read this little blurb on Spikey Bitz... My reactions will be in the article, in red.

Right here

Ok, so I just read this little blurb on Spikey Bitz... My reactions will be in the red

This kinda came out of left field. According to a source on Faeit looks like Mat Ward is set to pen an upcoming Tyranids Book.

Plus apparently more chatter about some new units, and changes to existing units as well.

Standard disclaimers apply here kids as this is some heavy stuff... -MBG
From Faeit

Tyranids. Seen much of these lately on the tabletop? Not so much for a while now, but they are still out there. Here are a few rumors giving us a loose time frame for a codex release, as well as some new units.

-Tyranids are actually seeing a rise in popularity, but whatever.

Please remember that these are rumors, early rumors at that, so please apply as the author mentions.

via the Faeit 212 inbox (no permission given to give a name)

Q4 2013 40k goes to Eldar supposedly, so will be early/late Q4 2013/Q1 2014. May be Q3 2013. Not entirely sure. There will be a codex release and there may be a WD/model release earlier. That would push the codex back though.

-A year is pretty far out, but I would just guess, and hope, it'll be longer.
Kit released for harpy that will make a second FMC - current playtest name hydra. Harpy will remain anti-infantry, hydra to be anti flyer/vehicle.

Synapse will go back to giving eternal warrior - and instinctive behavior will be radically changed.

For other new kits - nothing major. Prime plastic kit, shrike upgrade pack, and lastly, a new MC that is built off of infiltrating and will have a snacking rule similar to the fantasy ghorgon.

-All of this is highly believable. An updated, good, FMC would sell like Hotcakes, especially in the FA slot, which most Nid players have open room in.

next two Rumors should be taken with even more salt then normal - there will be multiple large plastic kit that is a multiple option kit that can make warriors/zoanthropes/lictors, one that can make venomthropes/raveners, and one that will make biovores/pyrovores and one for tyrant guard/hive guard. The finecast models are getting changed up a bit - will move to plastic. Also, some of these kits may be condensed into one box. Secondly - Ward is writing the dex. Extra salt here folks - extra salt.

-Wouldn't it make more sense to put the (Zoan/Venom)-thropes together? They could be the same, except for head and arms. Also, Warriors/Raveners/Lictors are very easily interchangeable... Probably just a mistake. Ward writing it isn't bad, there aren't too many authors and he's rarely underpowered an army. *CoughcoughCruddace*
 Once again, keep in mind this is a long ways off and these are playtest rules.

Ok, back to me! As shocking as this may sound... I DON'T want Nids to get an update... Crazy talk, huh? Not so fast, my friend! Look now, at the Chaos Space Marine book... They have their psykers with no default powers, and you have to pay for each Mastery level, or roll. Right now, look at the Tervigon. It's ML 1, but gets three rolls on any chart (almost always Biomancy), for 30 points. However, looking at CSM, it looks like we'll start off with one power/ML and have to buy them together. It's very, very rare when I actually get three powers I genuinely want to use... it quite frankly wouldn't be worth it to go up to ML 3, considering it would probably cause 25 points... Nids having a 5th edition is a good thing in this case, I think! Also, after the Tervigon, let's look at the next "spawning monster", the Necrons Tomb Spyder. Since that was almost a 6th edition book, it's not unreasonable to assume that the Tervigon would add gants to an existing unit... that though makes me want to cry. Precedent set by recent codexs also points to the nerfing of everything good. Seeing as I have a total of 5 Tervigons (3 real, 2 funky looking Carnifex) I really, really, would rather not see this happen. I'm in the opening of a very large, and more expnsive than usual project with CSM, and I'd hate to have to go back and update my current army. Plus, there'll probably be something new that spawns genestealers, and then I'll have to buy 80! Ok, I'm mostly kidding there... But really, right now Nids are competetive, and I'm pretty sure this was mostly by accident, given the massive power boost that 6th brought. After the nerf fest that this book was initially, I'm really enjoying competing with the top lists. I guess I just don't want them to change everything again, especially not for the worst.

EDIT: Thinking about this again, the change to EW and Synapse could be good, depending on if Warriors stay at 3 wounds. I'm skeptical, but I don't want to be too negative. Obviously, it's just too darn soon to tell! So maybe this could be great for us!

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